Photo: Markus Alatalo


When you come to Jukkasjärvi in Sweden, you also come to Sápmi – the Sami people’s own name of their land. The Sami (lappish people) that lives here speak their own language and have their own culture.

During winter, ICEHOTEL arranges several Sami cultural experiences together with Nutti Sámi Sidá, a Sami activity company that arranges nature- and culture experiences based on the Sami culture and a high standard regarding to eco-tourism.

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Ráidu – Encounter with reindeer

Join our Sámi guide to the reindeer camp for an encounter with the reindeer and Sámi culture. Try a reindeer sled ride around a short track. You hand-feed the reindeer calves who approach you curiously. Enjoy a hot coffee and taste suovas, the Sámi national dish, in front of a roaring fire inside the traditional Sami tent. Transfers are included in the price.

This tour is certified with the Swedish Ecotourism Society’s label, Nature’s Best.

Daily: 2 pm-5 pm. No tour 24/12. (Extra tour 9 am-12 am 15/12-28/2)
Price: SEK 1790 per person (children 3-12 years 895 SEK)

Vuoján - Reindeer sled excursion

Handle and drive your own reindeer with a sled through the wintry pristine forests. Experience the traditional mode of transportiation during winter here in Sápmi and enjoy a Sámi lunch in a Sámi tent. Transfer is included.

Age limit 8 years. Age limit for driving own reindeer sled is 16 years.

This tour is certified with the Swedish Ecotourism Society’s label, Nature’s Best.

Daily: 9 am-1 pm. (7/1-13/4)
Price: SEK 2650 per person (children 8- 15 years SEK 1850)

Photo: Carina Pingi