Photo: Markus Alatalo


Snowmobiling is one of the most popular activities at ICEHOTEL, whether you’ve ever seen a snowmobile or not. Each snowmobile tour begins with a brief introduction and by default you sit two people on one snowmobile. If you like to drive your own, you can add that as a supplement when booking.

ICEHOTEL uses the latest snowmobile models and our machine park is upgraded annually to ensure maximum service, passenger and driver safety and comfort, technology and pleasure during your tour. All our vehicles are maintained according to manufacturers’ manuals. All iCEHOTEL snowmobile tours are led by one certified guide per eight machines.

Our snowmobiles are purchased from contractors who are leading in environmental sustainability.
The machines have four stroke engines that are environmentally friendly and not very noisy so good for our guides and our neighbours too. All vehicles are run on unleaded petrol or environmentally friendly diesel.

All snowmobile tours begin with an induction to the vehicle that you will be driving. Should a damage occur during a tour, the snow- mobile will be inspected and if necessary taken out of service to be repaired until it can run on tour again. in order to drive a snowmobile on a tour operated by iCEHO- TEL, you must be at least 16 years of age and have a driver’s license. if your license has been issued before Jan 1, 2000, you are entitled to drive snowmobile on your own or in connection with a guided tour.
if your license was issued after this date, you are only eligible to drive a snowmobile under the supervision of a certified guide.


We are currently changing our internal booking system, which unfortunately affects the online booking.

Please contact our booking department for further help:
Phone: +46 (0) 980 66 800
Fax: +46 (0) 980 668 90

Thank you for your understanding!

Snowmobile tour with swedish fika

A perfect opportunity to experience Lapland’s magnificent nature in broad daylight. This excursion takes us across frozen lakes and bogs, through hilly landscapes with views over the river and Kiruna in the far horizon. Traditional Swedish fika by an open fire included.

Includes safety instruction, “fika”, guide and snowmobile driving 2 p/snowmobile. The tour starts/stops at ICEHOTEL.

Daily: 12.30-15.30.
Price: SEK 1195/person (2/vehicle).

Northern light tour

Join our specially trained guides for a nightly excursion in search of the northern lights! For the best chance to see this phenomenon, we head out into the untouched wilderness on snowmobiles. During the course of our tour, the guide will make short stops and tell truths and tall tales about the mythical Aurora Borealis.

Three-course dinner included.

Daily: 19.00-23.00 (until 28/3) 20.00-24.00 (29/3-16/4).
Price: SEK 1950/person (2/vehicle).

Arctic wildlife safari

Along with a local guide, this tour takes you through a magnificent mountain scenery. Learn about the wild animals native to this region, how the moose affects the climate here and tracking them, as well as reindeer and grouse.

The length of the tour will be determined by the season and weather conditions which also influence the appearance of the unique winter light north of the Arctic Circle. This is a unique opportunity for the photography enthusiasts. Lunch with local ingredients will be served during or in connection with the safari, the location will be determined by weather and season.

Daily: 9 am-3pm.
Price: SEK 2750 per person, two persons per snowmobile.

Log Cabin Overnight Tour

This excursion takes us to a traditional log cabin, beautifully situated on the water’s edge. On arrival, our guide lights the fireplace and candles; and the wood-fired sauna is readily available for those who want to give it a try. The guide cooks a three-course dinner which we enjoy in the cabin, where we’ll also spend the night. Hopefully, the Aurora Borealis makes an appearance!

Includes driving and safety instructions, dinner, snacks in the sauna, breakfast, sleeping bag, sheets and towel for the sauna, guide. The snowmobile tour starts/stops at ICEHOTEL. On this tour you drive one person per snowmobile.

Departures: Friday & Saturday 16.00-10.00 (day after).
Price: SEK 4650 per person, one person per snowmobile