Meet Frida Benedikt – one of ICEHOTEL’s wilderness guides

Frida Benedikt is one of the wilderness guides at Icehotel. Her work means to give Icehotel’s guests an experience out of the ordinary, no matter if it is a snowmobile tour under the northern lights or guide them through an invigorating sauna ritual followed by a bath in Torne River.

When Frida is not working at Icehotel, she works as a tour guide in Himalaya or heads out on her own excursions through Sweden. She recently travelled from the very north of Sweden to the very south, by her own muscle power only and because of that journey was nominated to Adventurer of the Year. During the three month expedition through the country she cycled, paddled, river rafted and hiked. Frida has worked as a wilderness guide at Icehotel for the past three winters.

How does a typical work day look like for you?

─ Every day is totally different, but what they have in common is snow, open fire, untouched nature, boiled coffee, stories, smiling guests and a magical light.

What’s attracting you to Icehotel?

─ Unique ideas becoming reality, for example our year-round investment Icehotel 365. We also have amazing and curious guests and a very beautiful nature up here.

What’s the best thing about your job?

─ The northern lights are incredible, some call me ”the northern light magnet”. But the best part is when our guests tell us that we have enriched their lives because they’ve experienced something out of the ordinary, that’s when I feel like I’ve done a good job!

Do you have a favorite activity at Icehotel?

─ I love the snowmobile tours we offer, but another activity I recommend all guests to try is ice sculpting. It is exciting to see the ice blocks take shape in front of you. In summer the River Rafting is a must!

Are we going to see any new and exciting activities now when Icehotel invests in a year-round experience with ice and snow?

─ Now when our guests can sleep in a room of ice and snow year-round there are plenty of new activities to try. During the summer months we have the midnight sun during two of those months and it is bright 24/7. Some of the activities we will offer is fishing, hiking, cycling as well as our sauna ritual with a bath in Torne River, ice sculpting and wood carving courses. And our traditional Torne River Rafting of course.

Can you share a magical memory from your time at Icehotel?

─ A guest from Australia with roots from Norway told us that his grandmother always told him about the northern lights when he was a little boy. A couple of years after she passed away he visited Icehotel. During the northern lights tour he participated in I talked about the northern lights and that it according to an old legend, the northern lights are a way for our loved ones who have passed away to show themselves to us. Afterwards he came up to me and told me that he really felt a connection to his grandmother, and in the light from the fire I could see happy tears in his eyes!

Interview with Frida Benedikt

Occupation: Wilderness guide

Interests: My job, meaning outdoor activities, tourism, try new things, and of course spending time with family and friends and time to philosophize.


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