Frozen Architecture – ICEBAR BY ICEHOTEL London

Mixing architectural blue prints carved in ice with relaxed gathering spaces and art and light installations, artists Jens Thoms Ivarsson and Mikael “Nille” Nilsson play with the artistic and technical characteristics of architecture in their design “Frozen Architecture”.

“For this project, we have taken a closer look at architecture; we decided to look at it from both an artistic and technical point of view – as we see it, architecture is a combination of both. We have broken down architecture to its core and froze it there. Connecting to the theme “Frozen Architecture”; the London ice bar has the feel of a slick city apartment where you just want to stick around for good music and another drink ‘in the rocks’ with your friends, says Thoms Ivarsson about the design.

Everything in ICEBAR BY ICEHOTEL London is made with pure Torne River ice from ICEHOTEL and each year with a new design. This time, 34 tons of ice blocks have left Jukkasjärvi and ICEHOTELs storage to be repurposed into an ice bar interior.

Matthieu Bourgogne, general manager of Belowzero Restaurant and ICEBAR BY ICEHOTEL London says:

“Architecture and design have always been at the heart of every ICEBAR and ICEHOTEL and as we near ICEBAR LONDON’s 8th birthday we launch another exciting and thought provoking design. Our beautifully natural snow and ice are not just used to make exquisite ice sculptures but primarily they are our building blocks to design a structurally sound, fun, creative and engaging space. Our new theme, Frozen Architecture is a cool, playful space focussing on the depth, beauty and design of the built environment.”