Ice harvest. Photo: Martin Smedsén

ICE Products

On the river bank, in the small village of Jukkasjärvi, ICEHOTEL is built every year and this is where we harvest many tons of this splendid natural material come spring.

Some of it is used to build the world’s first and largest hotel made out of ice and snow, but most of it actually leaves Jukkasjärvi to be enjoyed in other corners of the globe. Natural beauty is an inspiration to us – each block comes with a unique story and a message about the wild water of Torne River. In our view, this true splendour can never be found in homogenous blocks of ice produced artificially.

We are proud to share with our guests and clients this genuine ice experience.

Each block that we harvest from Torne River measures two meters long and one meter thick. Whatever the size of your project, we can deliver everything from large blocks for man-size sculptures, entire room interiors down to small table sculptures and glasses.

At ”the office” in Jukkasjärvi, we keep some 5,000 tons of Torne River ice, stored in -6° C (21° F) all year round. We have a well-established distribution network worldwide, so regardless of the time of year, we have ice ready to be shipped off to locations near or far for your next project.

Contact us for more information:

Dan Hollström:
+46 (0) 70 668 55 46

Mats Persson:
+46 (0) 70-661 80 59

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