Photo: Markus Alatalo

Snowmobile expeditions

This is the unrivalled adventure experience. With your guide and a group of friends, head out for a four-day expedition in Arctic roadless terrain.

 Prices on request.

Booking info: Departures are based on a minimum of four people. You cannot book this tour online, please call or email our reservations team.


Jukkasjärvi-Låktajåkko-Nordanjaur-Abisko-Jukkasjärvi. We start our journey in the valley forests, traveling along the river up to Torneträsk, one of Scandinavia’s largest mountain lakes. We explore mountain range Skanderna, rising in the west, on the border to Norway. Dating back 450 million years, it is believed to once have surpassed the Himalayas in height, but was eroded during the ice age. Skanderna runs in a north-south direction along the border, separating the inland taiga and tundra of Swedish Lapland with the deep fjords of Norway. We also spend a night at the STF Abisko and Aurora Sky Station, annouced as one of the top locations in the world for the Northern Lights by NASA and Lonely Planet. Total distance: 370 km


Jukkasjärvi-Kangos-Ylläs, Finland-Lannavaara-Jukkasjärvi. We travel through the northernmost hinterland of Scandinavia, exploring the cultural melting pot of the Swedish-Finnish borderland. In roadless terrain, we travel ancient trading routes, lakes, bogs and the virgin pine woodlands that form part of the immense boreal forest – the world’s largest land-based eco-systems – which stretches from Russia, via Scandinavia to Canada and Alaska. We visit little gems like Kangos and the village of Lannavaara, an unexpected educational center for gemology and gemstone techonology, right in the middle of the wilderness. Total distance: 450 km