Photo: Markus Alatalo

Arctic Trail

This is the unrivalled adventure experience; with your guide and a group of friends, head out for a five-day expedition across up to 500 km of the Arctic wilderness. On your journey, you explore the ancient reindeer herding trails of the aboriginal Sami people, the versatile landscapes of mountains, deep pine forests and vast tundra. You cook your meals in the outdoors, sleep in rustic herders’ cabins in areas so remote its beyond your imagination and experience nature untouched by modern civilization.

The Arctic Trail is made up of routes that link the northernmost parts of Sweden, Norway and Finland. The opportunity for unrestricted travel by snowmobile through these areas of Scandinavia is a world first. All the expeditions are 4-5 days long and covers between 250 and 500 km of trails, but with several different routes there’s plenty of choice.

ARCTIC TRAIL – invisible tracks over roadless terrain. Explore the landscape of Saami culture in Lapland. Travel along the ancient trails of this aboriginal people, through the forest and over the mountains. The daily life of the Saami, bartering on the shores of the Arctic Ocean, reindeer migration and the summer homesteads tell of a life in harmony with animals and nature. Come along on an unusual and fascinating safari, far off the beaten path.

ICEHOTEL TO TRERIKSRÖSET AND ABISKO NATIONALPARK. A tour through virgin forest into the mountains, where breathtaking views across the tundra await you on your way to Treriksröset. Join us on an ad­venture to remember. The tour runs through the moun­tains at mid-alpine altitude and ends at Abisko National Park. Total 500 km, 5 days.

ICEHOTEL TO THE ARCTIC OCEAN THROUGH THREE COUNTRIES. From the deep pine forests of the sub-Arctic region through high, snow-capped moun­tains. We follow one of the highest trails in Swedish Lapland, and test our fishing luck, with the chance to catch char, trout and grayling. Total 500 km, 5 days.

EXCLUSIVE CULINARY SNOWMOBILE JOURNEY THROUGH LAPLAND. Your Lapland adventure begins right at the Guossagoathi welcome tent outside the air­port gates. We begin with a lunch consisting of small traditional local dishes. Then we head off on snowmo­biles on a journey through Swedish Lapland. Total 245 km, 4 days.

SCANDINAVIA, THE WAY OUT. ICEHOTEL IN JUKKASJÄRVI. With over 6,000 kilometres of marked trails and unlimited driving off-trail. This tour is intend­ed for both experienced and inexperienced drivers. (If necessary we may split the group.) During this tour you overnight at ICEHOTEL. Total 4 days.

ICEHOTEL TO YLLÄSTUNTURI. The tour runs from the magical ICEHOTEL in Sweden to spectacular Ylläs­tunturi in Finland. Drive your own snowmobile through the majestic snow-covered wilderness 300 km north of the Arctic Circle. Total 245 km, 4 days.

RIKSGRÄNSEN IN SWEDISH LAPLAND, 24-HOUR TOUR IN DAYLIGHT. Riksgränsen is in the snow belt and even when there is no snow in the rest of Swedish Lapland there will be snow up here! Riksgränsen and Haukejaure are both situated above the tree line, so this is real mountain snowmobiling. At the end of May the midnight sun brings daylight twenty-four hours a day. Day tours are based on weather conditions, newly ac­quired skills and your preferences. 5 days. Day tours.

Price on request (Nb. Prices range depending on your date of travel, itinerary and how many people in the party, for this reason all trips are individually priced on request. Please contact our reservations team for a detailed costing and itinerary).

Booking information: All tours include transfers, accommodation in cabins/wilderness camps and/or hotels, according to itinerary, 1 snowmobile per person, petrol/oil, full board and a guide throughout the safari. Departures are based on a minimum of two people. You cannot book this tour online, please call or email our reservations team.