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Icehotel Restaurant

Vouching for your creature comforts, ICEHOTEL’s restaurant is traditional room temperature. The ice still makes for a central element, with the bespoke ice menu and the option of personally designed ice blocks adorning the tables.

Ideal for
Reception dinners
Mingling events

Floor plan
The building is steeped in history, formerly an inn and before that an old people’s home for the local Sámi population. The ground floor has a cloakroom, a main dining space with adjoining bar – “The Northern Lights Room”, a lounge area by the fire and two secluded rooms for intimate private functions – the Reindeer Room and Renstierna’s Abode. The back of house includes the main hotel kitchen, bakery & service area. See floor & seating plan

Total: 200 covers (in one sitting)

Northern lights room: 170 covers
The Reindeer room: 50+28
Renstierna’s abode: 34

Good quality food inspired by the local area. The interior is typically Scandinavian with greens, greys and white complemented by wooden details.

The Homestead

A group of rustic timber buildings situated on the river bank houses a restaurant, culture sauna, traditional baking house & village museum. The homestead is located about 900 m further down the village main street from Icehotel.

Ideal for
Interactive classes, e.g. cookery, beer tasting, sauna ritual
Launches & product trials of organic & ethnic brands
Acoustic music sessions

Floor plan
The main building dates back to the 1700’s and used to be the village school, but nowadays houses a restaurant and dining room overlooking the river. The restaurant is open for dinner service, but can be hired for private functions in whole or in part. See floor plan

The culture sauna is located across the parking lot, and as the cradle of the Swedish Sauna Association it is somewhat of an institution. Two saunas, one electric and one traditional wood-fired type are adjoined by a communal lounge area. Old newspapers from the turn of the century serve as wallpapers and a large fireplace adorn the center of the room. See our sauna experience

There is also a traditional baking house and the village museum that is run by the local village association but could be included in arrangements on request.

Homestead restaurant: up to 90 covers per sitting.
Culture sauna: up to 20 delegates

Rustic & intimate buildings with focus on local culture in interior and catering.

Going out - events in wilderness settings

Getting away from digital presentations can be a great thing. Teams that interact with nature have a documented improvement in performance, creativity and reduction of stress related symptoms. Let the team engage in boating, snowmobiling and skiing, combined with educational experiences like learning how to cook in the wild and making up fire or team-building. Retreating to the tipi or wilderness camp, the team sits downs around the roaring fire, feeling the energy from the heat and crackling soundscape. To the aboriginal Sàmi, the fire and the shelter of their traditional tipi homes, symbolizes safety and a place to gather. The fireplace is a safe and welcoming, by tradition a forum for sharing stories, crafting ideas and tools for survival.

Ideal for
Client meeting
Kick-off & workshop
Banquet & reception dinners

Tipi tent rental
Capacity of 8 to 60 delegates, but several tipis can be extended to a large communal area for parties up to 120 delegates.

Wilderness camps
Wooden cabins with optional overnight opportunity. Located in no-road land, this is a guaranteed digital & technology detox, completely off the grid.

Guossan – up to 48 delegates (16 in each)
Luspen – up to 8 delegates
Salmijärvi (tipi + wilderness camp) – up to 16 delegates
Puonojokk – up to 15 delegates

See map & technical info

Icehotel & Aurora Hall

A glistening structure of pure ice and an art exhibition with hotel beds. ICEHOTEL is 5500 square meters of ephemeral art, inspired and made possible by Mother Nature. The hotel is available to rent in part or full, subject to availability of course.

Ideal for
Fashion shows
Product launches, trials or shoots
TV/Film productions
Concerts & live music performance
Mingling events

Icehotel is 5500 sq meters and encompasses around 50 bedrooms, reception, church, bar and the iconic main hall. Our latest addition, Aurora Hall, is a dome-shaped event space constructed from solid ice, giving it unique acoustics and light. Icehotel is open for guests between December and April. See Icehotel floor plan

Total: 5500 m2
Overnight stay: 127 delegates
Aurora Hall (incl Icebar): 230 delegates
Aurora Hall (only): 150 delegates
Church: 40 delegates
Main Hall: 270 sq m