• Fall aurora. Photo Markus Alatalo.
  • Mid-day sunset. Photo Paulina Holmgren.
  • 100 days and nights of sunshine. Photo Leif Milling.
  • Celestial Delights. Photo Kristian Mattiasson.
  • The Blue Magic. Photo Maria Sirviö.
  • ART SUITE: Elephant in the room by AnnaSofia Mååg
  • ART SUITE: Flying buttress by Hans Aescht & AnnaKatrin Kraus
  • ART SUITE: Hibernate by Viktor Tsarski & Wouter Biegelaar
  • ART SUITE: Live your time by Jose Carlos Cabello Millan & Javier Colomino
  • ART SUITE: Eye-suite by Nicolas Triboulot & Laurent-Grapin
  • ART SUITE: Counting Sheep by Luca Roncoroni

700 million snowballs later…

Did you know that you actually can make 700 million snowballs out of one single Icehotel? We have gathered some fun facts about Icehotel for you here.

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  • Wouter Biegelaar's "Iceberg" in 2013.
  • Luc Voisin and Mathieu Brison's "Up There" in 2014
  • Rob and Timsam Harding's ""Before the Big Bang" in 2014
  • Mini Evolution by Wouter Biegelaar and Viktor Tsarski in 2014
  • Unicorn by AnnaSofia Mååg in "Secret Garden" with Alessandro Falca, 2014.

Summer exhibition in Jukkasjärvi – Solitary Road

Summer exhibition in Jukkasjärvi. Meet people, stories and every day life on a piece of road located just north of Torne Träsk. Outdoor exhibition in the Old Homestead area from June 22- August 31.

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  • Photo: Paulina Holmgren
  • Photo: Paulina Holmgren
  • Photo: Paulina Holmgren
  • Photo: Paulina Holmgren
  • Photo: Paulina Holmgren
  • Photo: Paulina Holmgren
  • Photo: Paulina Holmgren
  • Photo: Paulina Holmgren
  • Photo: Paulina Holmgren
  • Photo: Paulina Holmgren

Summer opening times

What happens after the ICEHOTEL closes in April? Well, the actual hotel slowly makes it way back to the river while we greet the return of the Midnight Sun and twenty-four hour daylight and the intensity of the Arctic summer. Read more about our summer adventures and opening hours here.

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Photo: Martin Smedsén

New at Icehotel: Winter Survival Introduction

During the winter season, Icehotel offers a wide range of outdoor activities. The latest addition to our popular tours is the Winter Survival Introduction. Come and join us for 4 exciting hours where you, together with one of our experienced guides, will learn the basics for surviving in the winter forests.

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The Magnettes

The Magnettes – playing live at ICEHOTEL 19 Dec 2014

The Magnettes are playing at ICEHOTEL on 19 December 2014 as part of the 25th anniversary celebrations of the hotel. Praised for their heartfelt lyrics, their playful ABBA-style double lead vocals and their catchy pop melodies, the band is now a vital part of the Swedish music scene.

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  • ICEBAR by ICEHOTEL Jukkasjärvi. Boom by Wouter Biegelaar, Viktor Tsarski & Maurizio Perron. Photo: Paulina Holmgren
  • ART SUITE: Hot Type in a Cold Setting by John Bark & Charli Kasselbäck. Photo: Paulina Holmgren
  • ART SUITE: 7 , 5 ° Rø by Wolfgang-A. Lüchow, Sebastian Andreas Scheller, Anja Kilian, Germany. Photo: Paulina Holmgren
  • ART SUITE: Spring by Wilfred Stijger & Edith Van De Wetering. Photo: Paulina Holmgren
  • ART SUITE: Borderland by Tomasz Cjazkowski & Eryk Marks. Photo: Paulina Holmgren

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