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For many are invited, but few are chosen

Each winter, professional artists from near and far come to Jukkasjärvi to create in snow and ice. For some, this is their first opportunity to work in these materials. others are experienced ice artists.

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A tearful meeting of ice and magnetite

The two materials are so totally different to work with. Ice is pure and transparent; the material has an intrinsic lightness. Magnetite, on the other hand, is heavy and much denser. Working in magnetite is a hard and dirty job.” says designer Sofi Ruotsalainen.

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Let there be light

For the first time, ICEHOTEL presents moving light settings in their premises. André Gulliksen is the man with the illuminating task of providing moving light settings to ICEBAR by ICEHOTEL – the original bar in Jukkasjärvi, but also the ephemeral bar concepts in Stockholm, Oslo and London.

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Colourful greetings in the winter night

The white snow reflects a heavenly light show – glittering stars, a full moon and the magical, mystical Northern Lights. But what, exactly, are the Northern Lights?

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It’s a dog’s life

Dog sledding is a favourite treat for many ICEHOTEL guests. Kenth Fjellborg has worked with sled dogs for over 20 years – and he is still astonished by what Alaskan Huskies are capable of.

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Ice on Summer Tour around Sweden

Ice from Torne River is on a gastronomic journey around the country with some of Sweden’s best chefs and drink experts. It is time for Mitt kök Sverigeresan (My Kitchen Sweden Journey) to head out into the country again.

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Tjåsa finds the rythm

Tjåsa Gusfors and Ulrika Tallving are the artist duo behind the Luxury Suite Absinthe Minded in the twentythird year’s rendition of ICEHOTEL. We had a quick word with Tjåsa about their thoughts and ideas regarding the design of Absinthe Minded:

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How to get the perfect northern light holiday snapshots: Professional hints from an insider

Photographer Paulina Holmgren who’s shot the images for the ICEHOTEL #23 Art & Design Book shares her best insider tips on how to catch the lights on film.

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Winter Harvest at ICEHOTEL

Ice from the Torne River is perfectly clear and completely free from air bubbles, cracks and sediments. Our harvest period stretches from mid-March until mid-April. Alf Kero, who manages the ice field and harvest in spring tells us more.

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