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  • Art Suite: A face in the Crowd by Mikael "Nille" Nilsson & Ingemar Almeros. Photo: Christian Strömqvist
  • Art Suite: Frozty Flower by Natsuki Saito & Shingo Saito. Photo: Christian Strömqvist
  • Art Suite: It's Alive by Karl-Johan Ekeroth & Christian Strömqvist. Photo: Christian Strömqvist
  • Art Suite: Mind the gap by Marcus Dillistone & Magdalena Åkerström. Photo: Christian Strömqvist
  • Art Suite: Pole Dancing by Christine & Natalie Close. Photo: Christian Strömqvist

ICEHOTEL goes samba this winter

Swedish Arne Bergh, creative director of the world famous ephemeral hotel will collaborate with South America’s most prominent street artist, Speto. Speto’s work in ICEHOTEL will be the first ever created by a Brazilian artist and will celebrate the FIFA World Cup™ Trophy Tour stop in Sweden.

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ICEHOTEL winner of the TRIP Global Award 2013 for “The best travel experience in Sweden

Travel agents all around the world together with swedish travellers have voted ICEHOTEL as the best travel experience in Sweden. The Swedish Travel and Tourism Industry Federation runs the TRIP Global Award gala every year where the best swedish travel experience is designated. 2013 was an extra prominent year, as winners from previous years again could participate in the contest. ICEHOTEL…

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Northern Lights over ICEHOTEL reception. Photo: Martin Smedsén

Best places in the world for northern lights

The Aurora Sky Station in Abisko is picked by CNN as one of the best places in the world to see the northern lights. ICEHOTEL and Aurora Sky Station offer package deals where you can experience both the northern lights in Abisko and visit wonderful ICEHOTEL.

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A night in -5° C – how does it work?

ICEHOTEL only exists for some four months every winter, but during that intense period, people from over 80 countries around the world will travel to Jukkasjärvi to sleep on ice. But what is it really like, and how does it work?

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The gates to ICEHOTEL

The first ICEHOTEL

For 24 years ago, the long and cold winters made founder Yngve Bergqvist look around for new ideas to use what was at hand in Jukkasjärvi – ice, and plenty of it. He invited artists to attend a workshop in Jukkasjärvi in 1989. This marked the start of a nearly 25 year long journey with the Torne River.

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An encounter with the Sámi

In Jukkasjärvi, just a stone’s throw away from ICEHOTEL, the Sami culture is a natural and living part of the daily life – and it hasn’t come about by chance.

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In Sauna Veritas – ”In sauna there is the truth”

The sauna culture is flourishing around the world, and thrives even in Swedish Lapland. svenska Bastuakademin, the swedish sauna academy, was inaugurated in 1988 with the opening of Kulturbastun, the Culture sauna, at the open air historical museum in Jukkasjärvi, a stone’s throw from ICEHOTEL. The man behind the initiative is Pär Granlund. He tells us how it all started:…

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