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Wilderness survival

Learn the basics of bush survival, including important skills like making up a fire using flint, navigating by using signs in nature, finding food and making shelter. The elements of this hands-on course vary slightly depending on season and can be tailored in terms of length and intensity according to suit the group.

Duration: From 2 hrs and up

Challenge Park

A morning at Challenge Park is designed to contribute to team development; letting the group practice working together towards a shared goal, and motivating and encouraging each other in order to achieve that. The High Ropes track gradually rises from ground level to 18 meters, each of the six platforms presenting a challenge for your balance and courage to make it to the next. Reaching the final platform, a zip-line awaits to carry you back down to the start of the track. There is also the option to take the Low Ropes track, with similar challenges but close to ground.

Duration: 3 hrs

Nordic Cookery Class

Learn some of the traditional Nordic cooking methods, such as:

  • Curing & smoking meat or fish
  • Searing fish & meat on muurikka & open fire
  • Spice your own snaps
  • Flatbread bake-off
  • Cordial & jam from scratch
  • Swedish Lapland palt potato dumplings

Ice cocktails master class

Let us guide you into the creative world of cocktail-making. Learn the history of the classic spirits and the cocktails that they are the fundamental part of. We learn to make five different cocktails and finish with a tasting session – and needless to say, all our drinks are served “in the rocks”, in cocktail glasses made of ice.

Catch & Cook

What’s can be more rewarding than eating your own catch for dinner? Come along to our secret spot along the river and fish for grayling and trout. In spring, we use drills to cut through the ice and access the streaming waters below, in summer you can fish from the shore or from a boat. We learn how to gut the fish, how to prepare and cook it on coal or over open fire with muurikka, a large cast iron pan that is traditionally used for outdoor cooking in Scandinavian culture.


Come along to our secret spot along the river and fish for grayling and trout. In spring, we use drills to cut through the ice and access the streaming waters below, in summer you can fish from the shore or from a boat. The waters and our camp offer a setting that appeal to the experienced enthusiasts and the novice alike. There is the option to visit for the day or stay a night or more in the rustic but comfortable camp.

Duration: From 3 hrs up to several days

Hiking & Cycling

The surroundings offer plenty of interesting and beautiful hikes. Make a midnight sun excursions, go for bush survival walk about, or explore one of the mountain ranges in the world, Skanderna, once believed to have surpassed the Himalayas in height. The remnants of the Leppäkoski mine from the 1600’s nestling in the depths of one of Europe’s northernmost pine moors is another worthwhile walk. These are just some of our options, depending on season and your area of interest, we will advise on a suitable trail for your group.

Nordic Hunter Gatherer

Foraging from nature’s kitchen is a focal part of local life in Jukkasjärvi. We venture out in the woodlands on foot in search for the wild gems of the season, blueberries, cloudberries, lingonberries, pine shoots, birch shoots and more. The “fika break” is equally important as the harvest; we stop for a snack and make up a fire to learn how to boil coffee over the open fire. Back at hotel, we take our treasure to the kitchen where one of the local chefs guides us to making traditional jams and cordials for the group to bring home and enjoy with their families.


Who will return home an Icehotel Champion? The Icehotel Cup is a team-based competition consisting of two elements. Starting out with a series of challenges to complete on time, each time gathers points which are translated into a time advantage for the second element – a relay challenge. The competition normally takes two hours, but can be tailored to your itinerary. Sauna and dinner at the Homestead is a nice way to finish.

Ice sculpting class

You can’t visit the original Icehotel without trying ice sculpting. Explore our magical world yourself with this introduction to ice sculpting. Working with your hands completely absorbs you, realaxing and intense at once. The master sculptor begins the class by giving you some background about working with ice, and an introduction to the tools. Each sculptor apprentice is then given a block and chisel and off you go!

Inspirational talks

Icehotel is a one-of-a-kind company, a source of inspiration and awe, but also a marvelous story of entrepreneurship, hard work and above all the endless creativity that flourishes again and again each winter. Hear the story from some of the key people behind the scenes.

Yngve Bergqvist – Founder of Icehotel and a stubborn believer in his motto “Dig where you stand”. Bergqvist transformed not just his business, but in fact the Scandinavian travel industry as a whole when he started Icehotel. Against the advice and remarks from friends, industry colleagues and the public sector, he had decided there had to be a building stone in the cold Arctic winter to save his summer tourism adventure business. He found it alright, right where he stood, there was the generous and pure river Torne, with crystal clear, premium ice. The rest as they say, is history.

Arne Bergh – The creative director who slipped on the ice two decades ago and got stuck. Bergh has had a career within the creative discipline of sculpting, mainly in wood, up until he fell in love with the ice. His strong sense of stepping away from what is conventionally perceived as ice art to something much more raw is a key part of the Icehotel story: A vision that Icehotel should be the physical intersection between art and nature. It should be an original art exhibition that shows the breadth of design that can be translated onto ice; abstract, figurative, conceptual… Icehotel should also be a nature experience, true to its material – the Arctic winter. The contrast and caliber of the art displayed in Icehotel, and its clean visual appearance is still unique.

Photography class

Themes: northern lights, midnight sun, kaamos, natural scenery – and Icehotel of course!

The photography tours can be focused on nature and/or culture and are available all year round. The tours include loan of camera, head lights and tripod, clients can opt to bring their own memory card or purchase one on-site. The excursion covers an introduction to photography settings and functions.


This slightly forgotten way to experience nature and bond the team is still one of the classics, if you ask us. And what’s more, we still do it like back in 1980’s; paddling and drifting the forty kilometer distance down from Jukkasjärvi, stopping for smoked fish lunch and kettle coffee cooked by the open fire en route.  Taking a wetsuit dip at the end is another (optional) tradition. The route does have some passages that get your adrenaline going, but those are interspersed by long sections of calm waters when you just lean back and let your hand drift alongside the boat, or have a go at the fishing rod. This is perfect to offer as an optional activity for those looking for an active nature experience.

Sámi Culture

The Sámi people inhabited northern Scandinavia long before the city of Kiruna was founded. For thousands of years, they’ve lived in harmony with nature and their reindeer, constantly moving in search of food for the herd. Nils Nutti is Sámi and through his business Nutti Sámi Siida, he lets curious visitors get a close encounter with his culture. For incentive groups looking to immerse in culture, we offer sled excursions with lunch or coffee in the historic tipi tents or festive dinners of roast reindeer and jojk, the traditional song of the Sámi.

Sauna like a viking

The sauna is the heart of the home, a place for peacefulness, relaxation and meditation. ”Kallebastun”, Jukkasjärvi Culture Sauna, is the cradle of the Swedish Sauna Academy, and was made an institution by enthusiast Kalle Grundberg. There is no better place to learn to sauna like a Scandinavian. Choose to go for a classic wood-fired sauna experience or go the whole nine yards with the ten-step ritual including river bathing and a thorough cleansing of mind & body.

Food & Drink tastings

Wild thing game meat tasting
In our corner of the world, reindeer, moose and wild fowl like ptarmigan is a quintessential part of life. Identify the difference in aromas and texture, and learn what spices, condiments and beverages that accompany them well. You also about their wild habitat, Swedish hunting tradition and classic cookery methods.

Arctic sushi tasting
We’ve taken the best of the far East and the far North and created a tasting menu of the delicate local fish species like Arctic char, salmon and grayling. We’ve also thrown in a classic – the Kalix bleak roe, or the gold of Swedish Lapland. The Torne river, from where Icehotel originates, is a free-flowing wonder of premium water and one of the few wild waters left in Europe that is untouched by civilization. For true enthusiasts, upgrade with a fishing specialist who can tell you all about the pristine fishing locations in the region.

We also offer beer, wine and whiskey tastings.


The aim is that any of our excursions should be an experience that the team bonds over and carry with them for a long time ahead, but if you’re looking for a dedicated problem-solving tasks that puts communication, trust and team work in focus.