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Entrance to ICEHOTEL with guided tour + lunch

The story of Icehotel starts in 1989, when it became the world’s first and largest hotel made of ice and snow. It’s also Sweden’s most unique and probably most extensive private art hall. Each year it’s reincarnated in a new guise, carefully designed and hand crafted by some 40 artists from around the world.

ICEHOTEL 365 –  open year round

This year marks the start of a new era; for the first time you will be able to experience the permanent ice art hall housing nine Deluxe Suites, each with its own warm bathroom and sauna, as well as eleven Art Suites. The structure also holds a magnificent ICEBAR that serves champagne and drinks, and an ice gallery. All of it created out of ice and snow by hand-picked artists from around the globe, according to the same concept as the classic Icehotel. The temperature holds a steady -5°C (23°F) year round and the refrigeration unit that keeps Icehotel 365 cold during the summer runs on energy from a 875 m2 solar cell facility.

ICEHOTEL 28  open in winter

In mid-December we open the doors to the 28th renditon of the classic Icehotel, adjacent to ICEHOTEL 365. This classic part of Icehotel contains 15 Art Suites, 20 Ice Rooms, a Main hall with beautiful chandeliers and a Chapel, all built entirely out of snow and ice. Each room is an installation, an original piece of art that melts and returns to Mother Nature in spring. When visiting in April-June you will see the hotel slowly returning to the river.

The guided tour takes 30 minutes, the rest of the day, from 10 am to 6 pm on the day of your visit, you are free to browse the art in the hotel, taking photos and just marvel at the crystal clear ice.

Welcome into the cold!

Entrance + lunch package  April 18  August 31

Enjoy a full day at Icehotel and combine your visit with lunch in Icehotel Restaurant.

Lunch: Daily 11.30 am-2.30 pm

We serve a buffet with the option of fish, meat and vegetarian dishes together with a selection of salads and breads, dessert, coffee & tea.

Guided tours in English: Daily at 12 & 4 pm

The guided tour includes Icehotel 365, the year-round structure


Buy your entry tickets at the warm reception, Riverside Lobby, or at the counter in Icehotel Shop.
Guided tours are complimentary to overnight guests to Icehotel.

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