A warm story about a cold place – The book

Jukkasjärvi in December is a cold place with the Northern Lights dancing around the sky. Dry snow falls on the ground, trees and houses are covered with a thick layer of glittering frost.

The sun does not pass the horizon for a month -but the moon, the stars and even the Northern Lights reflects their light in the white snow and makes everything brighter than imaginable.

“ICEHOTEL – a warm story about a cold place” is a book about a magical place far up north in Sweden, a place that is filled with ice, snow, creativity, hard work, joy, friendships and love. 96 pages photography art book about a beautiful place… almost on the North Pole.

About the author Anna Öhlund
Photographer and sculptor from Kalix, near the Arctic Circle. After 7 years of working at the ICEHOTEL, in the construction team and also as an artist, she dediced to make a book about it all.

The book can be purchased in the ICEHOTEL shop and can also be ordered at www.annaohlund.com. 

It never gets colder than -5 to -8 C

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