ICEHOTEL 365 opened its doors this weekend

Interview with CEO Yngve Bergqvist

How does it feel now when the first overnight guests have stayed in Icehotel 365?

─ It feels incredible and we have received tons of positive reactions. I think it turned out even better than I could ever hope for. Historically, this is the first time in the world something like this has ever been built. The idea for Icehotel 365 came about a year ago and the building plans has been intense since then. We laid the first groundwork on June 27. The hotel has been built in only five months. When the idea occurred and we started planning this build, we wanted the design to remind a lot about the rest of Icehotel, but with a ceiling height of eight meter in the entrance, this experience have become even more magnificent.

What has been the greatest challenge?

─ Everyone has been working extremely hard and the challenge has been to coordinate everything to make it on time. We are almost finished, which is amazing. Some of the final details, like fasten the glass on the entrance doors are done but we still need to attach the reindeer skins on the sides. We also have a few ceilings in the art suites that need to be covered in snice (a mixture of ice and snow) inside the hotel. A lot has happened in a short amount of time. A new room is completed every day. There are of course things arising all the time on this venture since we are pioneers with this build.

What can the guests expect when they arrive?

─ The guests are a part of something historical. They inaugurate the first ice hotel in the world that will be open year-round and can experience the finishing touches of the build up close, which is a memory that will last a lifetime. They also have the opportunity to follow the artists who are finalizing sculpting their suites, and meet builders, designers and creators – the people who during the past months have endeavored and created Icehotel 365.

What do you think the future holds?

─ The future is bright and I believe we will have a lot of guests and groups that visit us and want to experience everything that’s unique and special about Icehotel, which they now can do both summer and winter.

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