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Sketches of 30th Icehotel released

September 4, 2019
Sleep on the top of an Iceberg, spend a night at the theatre – or wake up in white Santorini. Creativity will shine through brightly when the world’s first ice hotel celebrates its 30th birthday this coming winter. Here are the designs of the jubilee hotel’s fifteen new art suites.

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More Artists Confirmed for the 30th anniversary of Icehotel

July 1, 2019

Alongside the artists that were confirmed for the seasonal hotel last month, the ice hotel in Jukkasjärvi has invited six artists and designers who all have a special place in the hotel’s heart and history. The selected artists will create the main hall, the ceremony hall and Icehotel 365’s Icebar.

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Artists Revealed for Icehotel #30

June 3, 2019

The dream to create Sweden’s 30th Icehotel has sparked the interest of artists, sculptors, designers and architects all across the world. 126 unique concepts from 34 countries in six different continents have been submitted to this year’s Icehotel jury. The names of those who will design and create the 15 art suites of ice and snow can now be revealed.

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Message of Hope at revamped Stockholm ICEBAR BY ICEHOTEL

Press release May 10, 2019

Monday 13th of May marks the unveiling of a fresh design at ICEBAR by ICEHOTEL Stockholm – Sweden’s coolest bar, attracting 115 000 visitors a year. The theme of this season’s bar is The Promised Land and tells the story of a time when Swedes travelled across the Atlantics in hope of a better life.

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Harvest time for Sweden’s 30th ice hotel

March 14, 2019

This week work gets under way on the 30th ICEHOTEL in the Swedish village Jukkasjärvi, a place that has attracted hundreds of thousands of visitors from all over the world since 1989.

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ICEHOTEL Group appoints Luca Roncoroni as new Creative Director

16 January 2019 

Architect Luca Roncoroni steps in as Creative Director in Janaury 2019 for ICEHOTEL Group, encompassing both Swedens world famous hotel and art exhibition made of ice and snow; as well as subsidiary ICEHOTEL Creative Experience, engaged in ice design projects and export to other locations around the world. Roncoroni takes over the position from predecessor Arne Bergh. 

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First photos - ICEHOTEL is open for the winter

December 17, 2018

A candy shop filled with giant sweets, a swimming ice woman with a love for cold baths, a cat preying on the goldfish in a frozen pond and a flock of Arctic terns – the suites of the original ICEHOTEL, opened on Friday 14 Dec, are as imaginative as always. 

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Wrap up warm for an unforgettable Christmas Holiday above the Arctic Circle

Press release November 8, 2018

Celebrate Christmas and New Year’s at Sweden’s original ICEHOTEL. This year, escape the stress and musts of Christmas to the ethereal surroundings of ICEHOTEL, Sweden. Swap night life for northern lights, taxi rides for dog sledding through winter wonderland and hotel linens for reindeer fur and sleeping bags surrounded by ice art.

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ICEHOTEL rewarded for export successes in Tourism and PR

Press release October 11, 2018

ICEHOTEL in Jukkasjärvi today received the Swedish Fund for Export Development’s, of ancient lineage, Export Hermes Award for their success in export in tourism and international public relations work.

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ICEHOTEL listed on Time Magazine’s “World’s Greatest places 2018”

Press release August 24, 2018

When the American TIME Magazine published “TIME Magazine’s 2018 World’s Greatest Places” on August 23, 2018, the year-round open ICEHOTEL in Jukkasjärvi, Sweden, is on the list.

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Art Suites 2018-2019 presented at ICEHOTEL

Press release August 21, 2018

Northern Sweden has had the warmest summer in many years, but soon the first snow will fall. When it does, the seasonal part of ICEHOTEL will be created and 33 artists from 13 countries arrive in Jukkasjärvi. Together with the art & support team, building team and light team they create this season’s art suites in the 29th rendition of ICEHOTEL.

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ICEHOTEL is first on the Swede’s bucket list

August 1, 2018

When Swedes list their dream destinations in Sweden ICEHOTEL is number one on their wish list, a new study shows.

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Ice and wilderness meet in gastronomic project

July 9, 2018

ICEHOTEL and Eriksberg Hotel & Nature Reserve will together develop their restaurants to a level of international masterclass.

– It is more than 1750 km between the venues, but when it comes to core values, the distance is not that far, says Per-Arne Olsson, CEO at Eriksberg Hotel & Nature Reserve.

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ICEHOTEL – one of the world’s coolest (literally) wedding destinations

July 5, 2018

Each year, many couples choose to get married amongst natural crystal clear Arctic ice at ICEHOTEL in Jukkasjärvi – and recently, ICEHOTEL was named one of the world’s coolest wedding destinations by Brides Magazine.

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Two new Art Suites at ICEHOTEL

Two new art suites of ice and snow are completed in the year-round part of ICEHOTEL.

Last Saturday, the new art suites opened at ICEHOTEL in Jukkasjärvi. At the same time, a new art exhibition was presented, created by artists from The Swedish Sculptor Association – all of it in the year-round part of ICEHOTEL in Jukkasjärvi.

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Experience live ice sculpting at ICEHOTEL

May 28, 2018

Welcome to view the ice from Torne River transform into sculptures at ICEHOTEL in Jukkasjärvi. An ice symposium with nine sculptors from Sweden will take part May 30–June 2 in the year-round part of ICEHOTEL.

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Two new art suites of ice and snow are being created in the year-round open ICEHOTEL

May 22, 2018

On December 15, the seasonal part of ICEHOTEL opened. Thousands of overnight guests and day visitors and around 50 weddings later it is time for the seasonal suites to return to its source in Torne River. The year-round part of ICEHOTEL is still standing, and right now, two art suites of ice and snow are being created. Read more

ICEHOTEL one of Sweden’s most attractive employers 2018

April 28, 2018

ICEHOTEL is ranked number 12 when Sweden’s sector and employer’s organization Visita reveals the 50 most attractive employers in the Hospitality Industry.

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Premiere for an invigorating weekend at ICEHOTEL

Spend a wholesome weekend working out at ICEHOTEL in Jukkasjärvi – coached by the studio Pilates Complete. Experience adventure, the magnificent ice art, and culinary wellness experiences – surrounded by the transcendent Arctic nature.

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Ice cold swimming contest in the ice harvest pool at ICEHOTEL

March 21, 2018

The annual swimming contest ”ICEHOTEL Waiting for summer Swim” will take place on April 7 in Torne River, right behind ICEHOTEL. A hole in the ice, 25 meter long, has been sawed out – and now it’s time for daring swimmers to try their luck.

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Artists wanted for next year´s ICEHOTEL

March 6, 2018

The artist application for the next winter season’s ICEHOTEL is now open and you got the chance to submit your design. What kind of art would you like to see at ICEHOTEL next winter? Welcome to apply.

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Meetings amongst sub-zero degrees and wilderness adventures at year-round open ICEHOTEL

February 22, 2018

The number of Swedish guests visiting ICEHOTEL is steadily increasing – and thanks to the year-round part of ICEHOTEL, there is an even wider range of possibilities for special events, suitable for companies and groups. ICEHOTEL is recruiting Cecilia Rahmqvist, previously Key Account Manager at Vaxholm Kastell, to meet the surge from the meeting- and event industry.

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ICEHOTEL builds playground of ice and snow in Kiruna

For the fifth consecutive year, ICEHOTEL, together with Tekniska verken in Kiruna, LKAB, PinPin Studio and students from Hjalmar Lundbohmskolan create the popular winter playground in the Ferrum Park in Kiruna. And what material is better to use than ice and snow when you create a playground 200 kilometers above the Arctic Circle?

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This year’s art is now presented at ICEHOTEL – welcome into the cold

December 18, 2017

Step inside a frozen jungle of Monstera-plants, sleep safe and sound with a gigantic mountain gorilla by your side – or drift away into the dreamland inside a cloud. Those are some of the creations waiting for this winter’s guests at ICEHOTEL.

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Ice from ICEHOTEL takes place at this year’s Nobel Banquet

Press Release December 8, 2017

When the yearly Nobel Banquet is held, Sunday, December 10, an unusual guest is represented – parts of Sweden’s northernmost and cleanest river, Torne River, in its frozen state. One ton of ice has been harvested from Torne River, sculpted and transported from Jukkasjärvi in northern Sweden to decorate the Blue Hall in Stockholm during the Nobel Banquet.

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News at ICEHOTEL; twelve-course Chef’s table on the new Veranda

Press Release November 22, 2017

On December 15 the seasonal part of ICEHOTEL opens its doors for the 28th consecutive year. In parallel, ICEHOTEL Restaurant introduces a completely new food concent, a twelve-course Chef’s table on The Veranda.

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New art presented in the year-round open part of ICEHOTEL

Press Release October 3, 2017

It’s time to change sections of the art in the year-round open part of ICEHOTEL, for the first time ever. Invited to create art suites out of ice and snow are the artists Nina Hedman and Lena Kriström as well as designer Franziska Agrawal, amongst others.

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Extraordinary Christmas celebrations at ICEHOTEL this year

Press release September 27, 2017

Christmas and New Years are almost here and what brings a better holiday spirit than celebrating in a winter wonderland with near and dear? The Christmas celebrations at ICEHOTEL will be extraordinary this year.


Welcome to experience the fall — and the first Northern Lights at Icehotel

August, 2017

After a summer with sun and bright nights the fall is slowly arriving and with it comes this year’s first northern lights. Come along on a northern lights safari, marvel over the fall’s transformations, tag along on a harvest adventure in the woods where we search for mushrooms and berries, and sleep a night amongst the ice art in the year-round open Icehotel.


New Art Suites 2017 presented at ICEHOTEL

Press release August 21, 2017

Every winter when the snow has set on the ground, a new Icehotel is created on the riverbank in Jukkasjärvi. This year, 26 artists from 11 countries together with the lightning team, ice production, building team and art support will create the 28th rendition of Icehotel that will open December 15.

Go to bed with a huge Fabergé egg by the bedside in the suite ”Last Faberge Egg”, settle in a snail world out of ice and snow in the suite ”Ground Rules” or fall asleep in a hanging installation with total silence in the suite ”Hang in There”. These are three of the art suites in the winter season’s Icehotel.


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Immense interest for the year-round open ICEHOTEL

August 7, 2017

Earlier this year it was world premiere for ice cold experiences year-round at ICEHOTEL in Jukkasjärvi. Undeterred by high expectations, the year-round open ice experience has drawn more visitors than anticipated.

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New direct flight from Amsterdam to Kiruna

July 12, 2017

Tune in when Icehotel in Swedish Lapland is featured in the tv-show  “Life Beyond the Lobby” which is broadcasted on NPO1, 19.00 the 15 of July. Get inspired from the tv-show and travel to Icehotel easier than ever this winter with a new direct flight between Amsterdam and Kiruna in Swedish Lapland.

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World premiere for winter in the height of summer at ICEHOTEL

22 May, 2017

For almost three decades, Icehotel has melted back to Torne River come spring. This year it is world premiere for ice cold experiences 365 days a year on the riverbank in Jukkasjärvi, 200 km above the Arctic Circle. It is time to plan a summer vacation in Swedish Lapland.

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ICEHOTEL is looking for creative people to shape next year’s hotel

7 April, 2017

What design would you like to see at Icehotel in the future? The artist application for 2018 is now open and you have the chance to contribute with your own design. Perhaps it’s thoughtful, innovative or totally crazy? There are no rules. Welcome to apply.

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Lemmel Pimpel Open 2017

Somewhere on the edge between an ice fishing contest and a festival, the holes are once again drilled through the Torne River ice. For the third consecutive year we are happy to welcome you to Lemmel Pimpel Open in Jukkasjärvi April 21-22, 2017. The festival starts on Friday with ”Hempy in a box”; a whisky tasting, 3-course whisky inspired dinner and sauna with river plunge. Don’t miss the new swimming contest “Icehotel Waiting for Summer Swim” that takes place not only on, but in, Torne River on Saturday – the same spot where the crystal clear ice has been harvested for the next Icehotel just a few days earlier.

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A night on ice in the height of summer – with midnight sun-guarantee

Welcome sun! The light has returned to Jukkasjärvi and the days are getting longer and warmer after a dark winter. The arrival of spring has always been a sign of Icehotel’s return to Torne River. But times are changing and thanks to sustainable solar power, the guests can now enjoy a night on ice and snow – year-round in the permanent part of Icehotel.

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Welcoming guests to experience more art than ever

20 December, 2016

On December 16 the entire Icehotel was finished on the riverbank in Jukkasjärvi, Sweden. With its 35 uniquely designed art- and deluxe suites, ice bar, ice chapel and ice gallery the guests are welcomed to experience more art than ever in Icehotel’s history. When one part of the hotel melts come spring, the ice bar, ice gallery and 20 suites remain in the permanent part – Icehotel 365.

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ICEHOTEL 365 is open – first pictures revealed

1 December, 2016

Fall asleep in a typographical pun, dance with the clowns in the suite ”Dancers in the dark” or dive into a surreal underwater world at the bottom of the sea. Those are some of the creations that await the guests in the newly opened Icehotel 365.

Icehotel 365 is now open, a year-round ice experience with 20 suites, an ice bar that serves champagne and drinks, as well as an ice gallery – all created out of snow and ice by select artists from around the globe.

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More art than ever in this year’s ICEHOTEL

3o September, 2016

While Torne River slowly freezes over, something intriguing is emerging on the riverbank in Jukkasjärvi. On November 10, Icehotel 365 opens up its doors – a permanent ice experience with nine deluxe suites, each with its own warm bathroom and sauna, as well as eleven art suites. The structure will also hold a magnificent ice bar that serves champagne and drinks, and an ice gallery – all of it created out of ice and snow by hand picked artists from around the globe.

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A first glimpse of this year’s ICEHOTEL

22 August, 2016

The summer is in full bloom but we’re already bustling in preparation for this winter’s ICEHOTEL. The crisp, sub-zero winter air beckons you…

A house of cards made from ice and snow, an exotic palace inspired by Casablanca, and a blooming cherry tree made to last the winter by the British brothers Hugh and Henry Miller. These are just a few of the ingenious creations guests will encounter at ICEHOTEL in Jukkasjärvi this winter.

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ICEHOTEL 365 to open in November, 2016

3 June, 2016

In November 2016 it’s the opening of Icehotel 365, a permanent ice experience with an ice bar, ice gallery and ice suites. With a little help from the sun, it will be open 365 days a year.

Icehotel 365 will offer visitors a long-awaited alternative to the classic wintertime Icehotel: a way of combining their ice experience with dogsledding, the northern lights or a boat trip on the river, beneath the midnight sun.

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Create your own art suite out of ice and snow

24 of March 2016

The ice harvest is underway outside ICEHOTEL. A thousand ice blocks will be taken up this spring – and about half of these will be used to build ICEHOTEL no. 27. Are you interested in transforming some of them into art? Apply to make your own art suite in ICEHOTEL no. 27.

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White Guide 2016: ICEHOTEL Restaurant best in Kiruna - and top three in Swedish Lapland

9 March, 2016.

On this week’s release of White Guide 2016, Scandinavia’s most comprehensive restaurant guide, ICEHOTEL Restaurant was rated the best dining experience in Kiruna and top three in Swedish Lapland overall.

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ICEHOTEL builds city playground of snow

23 January, 2016.

Snow and ice bring out the playfulness in children and adults alike – and an ideal building material is more suitable for a playground located 200 km north of the Arctic Circle. ICEHOTEL was commissioned by local authorities in Kiruna to build a winter playground in the city center, together with designers of PinPin Studio and pupils of Hjalmar Lundbohmsskolan.

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ICEHOTEL 2016 - first photos

Imagine a three meter tall African elephant carved out of snow, dreamy jumping sheep tucking you into bed, a 1970’s inspired Love Capsule, and an imperial Russian-inspired theatre set, Labyrinth Saga – those are just some of the creations awaiting guests of this winter’s hotel.

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ICEHOTEL to open year-round

In Jukkasjärvi, 200 km north of the Arctic Circle, the midnight sun glows for 100 days and nights without setting. Sweden’s ICEHOTEL reveals plans for a permanent sub-zero ice experience – including bar, art gallery and suites for overnight stays – available 365 days of the year.

Like every winter for the past 26 years, construction of the forth-coming ICEHOTEL is about to take off in Jukkasjärvi, Swedish Lapland. The ice from the Torne River is transformed to art sculptures and architecture that is set to attract thousands of visitors before it melts away in spring. But this winter might be the end of an era.

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Let it snow! Plans for the next ICEHOTEL revealed


As most of us are getting ready to hit the beach, Sweden’s original ICEHOTEL provides a teaser of what the forthcoming hotel opening on Dec 11 will have in store – and it’s worth getting excited about.

A life size elephant, a Russian imperial-inspired theatre set and a 1970’s love capsule are just some of the glistening creations guests will be able to spend the night in. There will be 19 uniquely designed and hand-crafted suites in the hotel made of ice and snow.

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Sweden's famous ICEHOTEL reveals sketches of the upcoming hotel


Sweden’s famous ICEHOTEL reveals a selection of what’s in store for those planning a visit to Jukkasjärvi this winter.

Eastern European folk art, lush rain forests, abstract interpretations of love, Baroque architecture, the craft of printmaking and the inner works of a clock –  these are just some of the sketches that feature the upcoming rendition.

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Aurora Hall - new event space at ICEHOTEL

After having hosted numerous unique events at and around ICEHOTEL over the past quarter of a century, the hotel is finally getting a private function space tailored for creating unique events in an Arctic setting.

Aurora Hall is available for events gathering 150 people. Stage for live performances, access to ICEBAR by ICEHOTEL and much more.

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Just in time for #tbt – 25 years of ICEHOTEL in pictures

As Sweden’s famous ICEHOTEL is turning 25, we are taken for a trip down memory lane and a journey back in time with an online gallery featuring footage from early 1990s until present day.

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Sweden launches Arctic sub-zero obstacle race in April 2015

Catching on to the latest trend sweeping fitness, Sweden’s Icehotel has teamed up with leading obstacle race organizer Toughest to launch a sub-zero race. The five km course covers twenty obstacles inside and around the hotel, 200 km north of the Arctic Circle.

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MINI designs hotel deluxe suite at Icehotel

MINI, through BMW Group subsidiary DesignworksUSA, was invited by the hotel design team to create a deluxe suite 200 km north of the Arctic Circle – using only ice and snow.

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ICEHOTEL launches haute couture suites

Co-create your own suite with one of ICEHOTEL’s designers.  From February 1st, ICEHOTEL will offer bespoke suites tailor-made to suit the wishes and tastes of individual clients.   Like a haute couture of travel experiences, creating an experience which is totally unique and personal is in focus.

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ICEHOTEL wins Scandinavian brand award

2014-01-23 ICEHOTEL has been awarded the annual SIGNUMPRISET® in recognition of its long term work to preserve and develop the brand.

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Street art meets ice as Brazil’s hot rhythms travel to Arctic hotel

Two remarkable artists from Sweden and Brazil are combining their forces to create a unique and inspirational piece of ice art in the reception of ICEHOTEL. Arne Bergh, creative director will collaborate with South America’s most prominent street artist, Speto. Their work will start on 8 December and will carry on for two weeks. Speto’s work in ICEHOTEL will be the first ever created by a Brazilian artist and will celebrate the FIFA World Cup™ Trophy Tour stop in Sweden.

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ICEHOTEL & STF Abisko/STF Aurora Sky Station launch light-inspired travel in 2014

2013-12-04 ICEHOTEL & STF Abisko/STF Aurora Sky Station announce that they will be teaming up to develop new travel experiences all focused around the particular natural light of the Arctic. The concept, Lights of Lapland, will be launched in 2014.

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ICEHOTEL paves way for beyond-the-box business meetings

2013-11-26  This winter, ICEHOTEL launches “Creative Conference” – a new meeting concept aiming to provide executives and corporate leaders with an inspiring environment to craft new business ideas and make decisions for the future.

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Introducing: Deluxe suite MINI Evolutions

2013-11-22 ICEHOTEL in Jukkasjärvi and car manufacturer MINI have created a deluxe suite for the 2013/14 winter season. The suite will be available from the 20th of December 2013 until it melts sometime in April 2014.

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Designers for public areas of ICEHOTEL no. 24 announced

2013-10-20 With less than two months left until ICEHOTEL opens its reindeer skin-clad doors to guests, the artists for the public areas of the hotel – church, main hall, bar, reception, deluxe suites are announced.

Designers are hand-picked for these honorary projects by ICEHOTEL. Designers are selected based on creativity, experience and technical skills. ICEHOTEL and the selected artists then work closely on developing design concepts together. Though some experience in ice sculpting is desirable for these projects, the artists come from a wide range of professional backgrounds – none of them are solely ice sculptors by profession.

This year’s designers are:

  • Elin Julin, Sweden
  • Marjolein Vonk, the Netherlands
  • Marinus Vroom, the Netherlands
  • Maurizio Perron, Italy
  • Tjåsa Gusfors, Sweden
  • Jens Thoms Ivarsson, Sweden
  • Alessandro Falca, Italy
  • AnnaSofia Mååg, Sweden
  • Arne Bergh, Sweden
  • Speto, Brazil
  • Wouter Biegelaar, the Netherlands
  • Victor Tsarski, Bulgaria
  • Vytautas Musteikis, Lithuania
  • Kestutis Musteikis, Lithuania


For more information, please contact Beatrice Karlsson: beatrice@icehotel.com or +46 (0) 980 668 40 / +46 (0) 70 668 08 67.