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Ice block with inscription Pure Torne River Ice at IcehotelPaulina Holmgren


Icehotel is located in a pristine area of the Arctic Circle, on the bank of Sweden’s northernmost and largest national river – Torne. Nature is an intrinsic part of us, a playground and the source of our building material, and one which we have responsibility to look after. Icehotel’s aim is to become CO2 negative, a goal that was formulated in 2008. We have taken some steps towards this, and have more plans in the pipeline.

ICEHOTEL open year round with help from the sun

Icehotel is open 365 days of the year in a building designed with twenty suites, ice bar and gallery – all run on sustainable power, most of it sourced from the Midnight Sun. Using the near constant daylight within the Arctic Circle between May and September, a sustainable way of having Icehotel open all year became reality with the rays of the sun, spring 2017.

The new building is located adjacent to where the current “winter hotel” is reborn anew every year.

The nature and environment are not only a huge source for inspiration for Icehotel, but also a necessity to create the hotel year after year. Our guests now have the option to combine their ice experience with dog sled and northern lights or with a tour on the river under the midnight sun – on nature’s terms. Historically this is the first time something like this has been built in the world and we are very happy to be able to welcome our guests every day of the year.”

Yngve Bergqvist, founder and initiator of Icehotel.

The road to CO2 negative – to date

Saving energy was one of the first tasks to improve in 2007. Today, warm buildings are heated using only renewable energy, storm water is used to save fawcett water and waste water from the ice storage cooling system is re-used. Icehotel recycles renewable materials and weighs waste to monitor and reduce amounts.

Around twenty percent of produce served in the restaurant are organic and/or locally sourced. Also, Icehotel serves only wines produced in Europe.

The activities operated by Icehotel and its partners should be environmentally and socially sustainable. The snowmobiles are of the latest generation with fuel-efficient four-stroke engines. Icehotel donates to water conservation project Älvräddarna and maintains a dialogue with Sami villages and local landowners.

The storage of ice

Icehotel works only with naturally grown ice from the river Torne, sourced right on site. This minimizes wastage and emissions as the ice is not transported from source to storage and any ice that is not used returns to the river in spring when it melts. The ice is harvested from the river in spring and kept in the storage hall until it is used.

The storage hall is built using Hasopor, a light insulation material made of recycled glass and one of the most environmentally friendly alternatives on the market. The natural cold chills the storage halls for most of the year, supported by environmentally friendly CO2 air conditioning in summer.

Shipping & transportation

Icehotel reduces business travel in favor of digital communication where possible. Ice is shipped out of Jukkasjärvi by road, and sea for long-haul destinations. Road transports are coordinated with grocery deliveries to Kiruna, using empty return transports headed south.


  • 100% renewable energy since 2007

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  • Staff is trained in sustainability and efficient energy use

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  • Renewable materials are recycled and waste is weighed

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  • 20% of restaurant produce are organic and/or locally sourced

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  • Energy consumption is monitored continuously

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  • ICEHOTEL favor partners and suppliers with sustainable practices

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  • Stormwater is used to save fawcett water

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  • Excess steam from the hotel washing facilities is re-used

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  • Excess water from the ice storage cooling system is re-used

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  • Travel is monitored and measures taken to be reduced

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  • ICEHOTEL donates to water conservation project Älvräddarna

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The Story of ICEHOTEL

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