10 reasons to visit ICEHOTEL in May

Spring in the north is different. The days and nights are blurring together due to 24-hour daylight, and you can maximize the hours with both downhill- and cross-country skiing. The weather is warm and you can dress in thin layers. Springtime in Jukkasjärvi is extra exciting since you can take a guided tour inside the melting ICEHOTEL. Or why not just lean back in the sun and relax the rest of your day?

  1.  Midnight sun
    May means bright days and by the middle of May, the sun never sets – the midnight sun shines with its golden light for 24 hours. Come along on a midnight sun tour to iconic places in and around Kiruna, known for their architecture, which have been featured in books and movies.
  2. The Local Vibe
    In the beginning of May, you can still enjoy ice fishing. Find a good spot in the sun, bring a reindeer hide or a foam mat and some Swedish Fika for a day outdoors – ICEHOTEL has everything you need for a day on your own accord. The locals say that the ice fishing is at its best at the end of the season.
  3. Photograph the Arctic spring
    The heat from the sun awakens the taiga and the nature changes. Streams are pouring, the birds are chirping and Torne River breaks the ice and starts flowing freely. Experience the Arctic wildlife and nature up close on a photo tour where you learn how to handle a camera and get the opportunity to capture beautiful birds, magnificent moose and the incredible surroundings.
  4. Walk through the melting ICEHOTEL
    ICEHOTEL’s winter suites are slowly returning to its source in Torne River. Seeing the magnificent hotel of ice and snow melt down is like poetry. Luckily, there are 20 ice suites with amazing ice art, an ice bar and an ice gallery to experience at the same time. Take an exclusive guided tour through the melting ICEHOTEL; through empty ice corridors that are dripping of melting snow, amongst the ruins of this winter’s ice art.
  5. Spend a night on ice
    Great news for you who love snow! There is usually still snow in May, suitable for cross-country skiing and snowman building. If the weather gets too warm, you can always step inside ICEHOTEL 365 were there are sub-zero degrees, ice and snow all year-round. Spend a night in -5°C amongst beautiful ice art, created by select artists from around the world.
  6. Switch crowds for vast views
    ICEHOTEL is situated in a place where rush hour and crowds do not exist. Many locals are also leaving town in May for a vacation abroad after a long winter, which means that you have the vast views all to yourself.
  1. Chef’s Table at The Veranda
    The tasting menu Chef’s Table is Head Chef Alexander Meier and Sommelier Sofie Nordefors’ gem. The experience on ICEHOTEL’s Veranda started in December 2017 and has been praised over and over again by both guests and food critics. Chef’s Table is available year-round.
  1. Switch latte for coffee made over open fire
    Switch the latte on the patio for coffee made over open fire in the wilderness. Learn the basic wilderness skills; for example, how to start a fire and navigate using the signs in nature.
  1. Try ice sculpting with vintage ice
    2017 was a great ice-year. The storage is now filled with the new ice from the harvest and we are creating art from the 2017 vintage ice – the same ice that was used to build ICEHOTEL #28. Try ice sculpting and unleash your creativity on a crystal clear ice block.
  1. Bathe sauna where the Swedish Sauna Academy was founded
    It is said that the best decisions are made in the sauna. Bathing sauna is also said to have positive effects on your health. Bring your company, friends or significant other to a sauna ritual in Jukkasjärvi and see if it’s true. Experience a relaxing and wholesome afternoon in Jukkasjärvi Culture Sauna, where the Swedish Sauna Academy was founded, and sauna like a local. Enjoy the wood fired outdoor bathtubs under the open sky – the brave ones can take a plunge in Torne River.


All photos Asaf Kliger