4 things your probably didn’t know about the “first snow”-season at ICEHOTEL

Switch rainy days for a landscape sprinkled with white, the darkness of fall for Arctic Lights. Watch the seasonal ICEHOTEL being built starting at the end of October, spot the northern lights from a dog sled in November and try driving a snowmobile from the first day of December. Experience the first snow at ICEHOTEL – everything different.

1. We have snow(!)

The first snow can appear as early as at the end of September, but it usually sets around late October. It is a magical transformation – from a crisp, colorful fall to a nature sprinkled with white fluffy snow. Make snow angels and find inner peace while watching how the big snowflakes slowly fall from the sky. Channel your inner child and stretch out your tongue – what does snow taste like?

2. Not just northern lights

Yes, you can of course see the northern lights, the elusive aurora borealis dance across the dark sky. The northern lights season begins in September and lasts until April. However, the Arctic lights are more than the aurora. The days are getting significantly shorter and the sun casts a pale shimmer over the landscape during the hours of daylight and switches into pink pastel sky come dusk. Head out on a northern lights photography tour, away from light pollution, and capture a sky scattered with stars – and hopefully the northern lights.

3. Go dogsledding and drive your own snowmobile through a snow-clad forest

Head out on a tranquil dog sled tour in November. The eager huskies stop howling as soon as you take off and the only thing you hear is their steady paws against the snow-covered ground. Sit back, relax and enjoy the beautiful surroundings. If you feel more daring, jump on a snowmobile from the first day of December and follow your guide into the snow-clad forest – a thrilling adventure that can be combined with Swedish Fika or dinner and a hunt for the northern lights.

4. Watch the seasonal ICEHOTEL emerge

As soon as the temperatures stay below freezing and snow covers the ground, the building process for creating the seasonal ICEHOTEL starts. Watch the snow canons mix Torne River water with snow to make snice, see the arched forms get covered in white and the walls of snow grow.

5. Spend a night on ice

We know we said four things, but this you probably know. You can spend a night on ice in sub-zero degrees, amongst hand-made ice art by artists from all over the world. Choose between a stunning Art Suite with a high, vaulted ceiling and a Deluxe Suite that comes with an adjacent private warm bathroom and relax. We are open every day, year-round.


The “first snow”-season is great for those who don’t want to break the bank. Price example ICEHOTEL recommends package: from 5590 SEK for two persons, one night in an Art Suite, two nights in a warm room, and as always it includes breakfast, sauna, winter gear and entrance to ICEHOTEL.


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