Waiting for Summer Swim 2018

The sun shines and the snow glitters. The temperature rises a bit and the weather turn milder, days are getting longer and brighter and you hear the birds sing lively. Snow and ice starts to melt, back to Torne River. The ice harvest starts, and our brave swimmers are getting ready for the first dip of the year!

For the second year in a row, ICEHOTEL celebrates that the spring and sun returns to Jukkasjärvi with an ice-cold awakening! Thousands of crystal clear natural-ice are harvested from Torne River to store over the summer for the building of ICEHOTEL 29. When the ice has been harvested it leaves open pools, what better than take the first swim in Torne River?

Meetings on the ice

April 7th was the time for ICEHOTEL to arrange the swim competition Waiting for Summer Swim. The swimming competition contains breast swim and three different lengths: 30m 30×4 and 60m. The time was 11:15 am when it was time for the brave simmer to jump in the ice-cold river and wake up the body from the long and dark winter days. The times between the competitors became even with just a few seconds between.

Below ICEHOTEL right on Torne River guests from all round the world and ICEHOTEL staff with the locals, gartered to watch or compete in the swimming contest. Under the event there was heated hot tubs, inviting sauna tent, tripod with reeking “kokkaffe” (hot boiled coffee) and warm lingonberry juice was ready and accessible on the ice for the cooled swimmers. Under the pauses SUP (Stand Up Paddle) was accessible for those who wanted to try.

A different and exotic experience

At 4 pm was it time for award ceremony at the Lounge where a troubadour was playing and After swim with two special made drinks for the day.

The winter landscape in Jukkasjärvi is full of life and offer something for both visitors and participants. It can be both a different and exotic experience to participate in this event. Something to remember and challenge friends with.

Mikaela Nörstewold, who is in charge of the Adventure Desk, was there during the event and held the planning for the event and award ceremony.

– For the second year in row we arranged ICEHOTEL Waiting for Summer Swim and we are already looking forward to next years event. I hope that the contest will expand with more and more persons that participate, because it is really an amazing feeling to swim those meters in the river, it is great for the body and you feel really refreshed!

Keep an eye out for next years Waiting for Summer Swim and challenge colleagues or friends. Be sure to book accommodation and food at the same time.

– written by Nellie Tildeberg, intern at ICEHOTEL

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