Wow – what a weekend! Wellness Weekend with workout in an Arctic setting

July 19, 2018

A life-enriching, invigorating and strengthening weekend of wellness was held at ICEHOTEL in the beginning of July. The studio Pilates Complete from Gothenburg, Sweden created a workout program and ICEHOTEL offered a range of Arctic summer activities – and the weekend made an impression. Sofia Vestergaard was one of the 13 participants during ICEHOTEL Wellness Weekend and was amazed by the experience.

How does it feel now when you are back home after a weekend of wellness at ICEHOTEL?

– WOW what a weekend! The combination of workout sessions, all the nature experiences, super-friendly people and the delicious food made the weekend an amazing memory for life. Experiencing all of this in the setting in and around Jukkasjärvi made a huge impression, says Sofia.

The instructors from Pilates Complete, Linda Ahlgren and Jasmin Salhi guided the group through the weekend that included different workout sessions with Pilates that strengthens your entire body through endurance movements and low-impact flexibility. Pilates is all about core strength, posture and muscle balance – and great for your mind. They also incorporated Garuda, the evolution of Pilates and yoga, which is done by working with a flow. It creates mindfulness, flexibility and strength.

– I had heard of Pilates before but not Garuda, says Sofia. It was fun to try and it feels like this kind of workout is a great complement to other types of training. It was a really soothing and well needed and you feel like you stretch the entire body at the same time as you feel like you’ve been working out.

She continues:

– Our instructors were great, they were very helpful and gave many tips and showed us how to do it – you never felt like the beginner. I could adapt it to my own individual level and make the movements in a pace that worked for me.

During the weekend, ICEHOTEL offered a mix of adrenaline-filled adventures like river rafting, soothing experiences like a sauna ritual and bespoke activities with the Torne River ice, such as ice sculpting.

– It was a great mix of Arctic activities, amazing nature experiences I will remember for a long time. The river rafting was really a delight mingled with terror – but wow, it was cool! A tip is to sit in the front, first row seats for the rapids and showers, tells Sofia.

How was your night on ice?

– ICEHOTEL has been on my bucket list for ages. It was an amazing and different experience, lying there and look at the beautiful art from my sleeping bag and feel the complete silence. I slept really well and woke up to a quiet “good morning” and a cup of hot lingonberry juice. I would definitely do it again.

Did you bring someone on your trip?

– At first I thought of going myself, but my husband wanted to come along and I’m really happy for it – to have someone to share these experiences with while there and when you get back home. This weekend is a memory of a lifetime and it feels great to share these memories with someone.

In October it is time for wellness at ICEHOTEL again, an entire week filled with exciting activities and workout experiences. Pilates Complete is coming back in October 2018  for more Pilates and Garuda. They are bringing the famous physiotherapist and yoga instructor Magnus Ringberg who offers lovely yoga sessions during the week.

Sofia finishes:

– Don’t hesitate, just go! The combination with fun and exciting workouts and cool activities is super. It is a life-long memory.


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