Behind the scenes – Deluxe Suite “The Invisible Invincible”

November, 2017

Come along behind the scenes and follow the art work of ICEHOTEL artists Nina Hedman and Lena Kriström in the creation of the new Deluxe Suite “The Invisible Invincible” in the year-round open part of ICEHOTEL. For those of you who just love “behind the scenes stories” we are happy to announce that for the first time ever you can witness the making and creation of the 28th rendition of ICEHOTEL, during November and beginning of December this winter.

”The Invisible Invincible”

Artists Lena Kriström and Nina Hedman create the Deluxe Suite ”The Invisible Invincible”, which consists of a twelve invincible women. They are each made with unique expressions, but everyone got a purse. The artwork gets its inspiration from the Terracotta army in China, Hans Runesson’s picture ”The lady with the purse” and Monty Python’s women.

NEW! The making of ICEHOTEL tour 

This tour is an exclusive opportunity to visit ICEHOTEL #28 under construction. Experience the creation of the the new Art Suites and ice art taking shape on the river shore in Jukkasjärvi. The tour is available in November and early December. Limited availability – make sure to book The making of ICEHOTEL tour in advance!

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