Flower Power at ICEHOTEL

Flower power! Feel the magical, romantic embrace of the winter world you just entered. Discover the majestic Main Hall, its beautiful ice chandeliers and the hand-made flowerfall. Follow the flowers to the Ceremony Hall and breathe in the solemn atmosphere, radiating from the snowflake-mandala.

“Feel the energy of the frozen water, the energy we put into the creation and prepare for goose bumps.”

About the artists

Tjåsa Gusfors is a multifaceted artist, performing on the music theater stage as well as creating artwork using wood, stone and sand as her materials.

Wilfred Stijger is a multi-talented artist from the Netherlands and is specialized in sand art. With his art he wants to inspire others to open their minds and use their imagination.

Edith van de Wetering is an artist who loves to surprise with her art. She has been creating art using sand at different locations across the world.