ICEHOTEL – a true artwork

20 December, 2016

On December 16 the entire Icehotel was finished on the riverbank in Jukkasjärvi, Sweden. With its 35 uniquely designed art- and deluxe suites, ice bar, ice chapel and ice gallery the guests are welcomed to experience more art than ever in Icehotel’s history. When one part of the hotel melts come spring, the ice bar, ice gallery and 20 suites remain in the permanent part – Icehotel 365.

Over 70 artists, designers and architects from 15 countries around the world, have created the art in this year’s version of Icehotel. Among the artwork guests can marvel over, and even sleep inside, there are everything from stacked cards in the suite “House of Cards” by Stephanie Knödler and Martina Eriksson, to patterns inspired by Iranian traditions in the suite “One Tousand and One nights” created by the Iranian sculptor Sahand Hesamiyan and his partner Mona Hosseini. In this year’s Icehotel we find returning artists, for example the duo Natsuki and Shingo Saito who designed the suite ”Into the Ice”, inspired by their daughter’s story book.

The architect and designer Luca Roncoroni has created two different suites; the room “Lapland Waves” where the waves of the ocean have frozen and the bed is formed as an inflatable mattress, and an elegant apartment made from ice and snow in the deluxe suite “The Victorian Apartment”.

– We have had the ambition to offer qualified art and design year-round in Jukkasjärvi for a long time. Now when most of the rooms at Icehotel are art suites, we can proudly say that we are not only an ice hotel, we are also an art hotel. It feels amazing, says Arne Bergh, Creative Director at Icehotel.

First pictures

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Ephemeral art year-round

Previous years, around 50,000 visitors have walked through Icehotel’s iconic doors covered with reindeer fur between December–April – but this year Icehotel expects a lot more guests. When one part of Icehotel melts back into Torne River, Icehotel 365 will still stand and offer a place where guests can take part in an ice and snow experience year-round.

  • To let the ice express ephemeral art is the heart of Icehotel and the art in the Icehotel 365 will change during the year and also melt back into Torne River, says Arne Bergh.

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