Mythological theme at ICEBAR BY ICEHOTEL Stockholm

This year ICEBAR BY ICEHOTEL Stockholm celebrates 16 years as the world’s first permanent ice bar since 1994. ICEBAR BY ICEHOTEL Stockholm and ICEHOTEL collaborates on a new theme every year, where the construction of the bar takes a week. 30 tons sculpted natural ice from Torne River compliments ICEBAR BY ICEHOTEL Stockholm every year. With this year’s theme they are hoping to create amazing memories of Stockholm for those visiting the bar. The new theme for ICEBAR BY ICEHOTEL Stockholm; BIFROST!

The theme of the year BIFROST is about our Nordic mythology – The Viking era! To accomplish this year’s theme and construction it was very important to get the historical part as correct as possible, so experts got involved there of some from The Historical Museum has consulting.

The main idea with BIFROST is to lift our historical heritage in the north and to show the visitors all that is exciting about the Viking era by focusing on the family, Viking’s beliefs and the thrilling Viking expeditions. Per Keller, VD at Hotel C Stockholm says that they choose not to enhance the imagine of the bloodthirsty Viking with horn-helmet, instead they want to focus on the family and the sea journeys.

– We have created something fantastic this year! A magical environment that will take the visitors on a journey they won’t forget in a long time, through the exciting Viking are, says Per Keller.

The creators behind this year’s theme are Tjåsa Gusfors & Karl-Johan Ekeroth that under many years has designed both ice rooms and bars for ICEHOTEL.

What was the main challenge?

– The design has been the main challenge. What we would tell and how we should profile the Vikings in a way that works and will interest the tourist. First when I was told the theme I only saw difficulties but soon when we started working on it I found many interesting parts about the subject. To talk about the stereotype is a challenge itself, instead for the plundering complex stereotype we wanted to find something interesting for the tourism – like the daily life: family, gender roles in the society and the expeditions, says Karl-Johan Ekeroth.

In the new ICEBAR you will find full rusted ice-walls with exciting historical texts and extraordinary ancient pattern. On one of the ice-walls you can see the runic alphabet and learn to write your name in runic, in one corner you find Oden’s throne with Hugin and Munin guarding over the shoulders, and the corner beside got a characteristic Viking ship where you can sit down and enjoy a drink – of course is everything made of ice from Torne River.


New for this year at ICEBAR BY ICEHOTEL Stockholm; ICESCAPE that is available at day time. ICESCAPE is an escape room that takes 3 to 6 persons at time. Escape room is a collaborates game where your group during a certain amount of time will find clues, break codes, solve puzzles to reach the goal – this is done in -5°C, perfect to challenge your friends or colleagues with!

– written by Nellie Tildeberg, intern at ICEHOTEL

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