“Wild in the city” – new design in ICEBAR LONDON

The latest design concept is a tongue-in-cheek reversal on the idea of the wildlife safari that explores what happens when the animals decide to visit us humans in our natural environment for a change. 

Once a year the entire bar is completely transformed with a new design theme by a team of skilled ice designers and sculptors, using some 40 tonnes of natural ice from Torne River in northern Sweden.

Taking inspiration from the Arctic Circle to the African Savannah, the Great Barrier Reef to the Great British Countryside, Icehotel’s creative team have designed a bar full of icy animal sculptures exploring iconic London locations including a Zebra on the Abbey Road crossing, Penguins in phone boxes and an Octopus scaling Tower Bridge.

– It´s very special to see the blocks and sculptures we made in Jukkasjärvi back in London – such a contrast in scenery, says Wouter Biegelaar one of the designers and creators of the new theme.

The idea behind the theme

Designer Jens Thoms Ivarsson sharing the idea behind the theme Wild in the City;

– The story is that crates (boxes) are sent from ”the wilderness” to London. Every crate holds a wild animal. Along the way the boxes slide out of the plane and fall into the streets of London where the animals go totally ”Wild in the City”.  Inside the Icebar you´ll find some of the animals in the walls and as big sculptures. There are also lots of details to be discovered as you walk around.

Jens continues

– The challenge was to create full use of the space and make it interesting for the guests. We had very hectic days – and lots of fun – it´s fantastic to work with such a great team!

Wild in the City Cocktails

– Our new ice theme has given us loads of inspiration for new cocktails including our Squid Vicious, the Slammerhead Shark and, of course, our classic Crocopolitan explains Tom Hunter, Head of marketing at ICEBAR LONDON, with a smile. Read the full cocktail menu here.

Art & Design Gallery

Visit the Wild in the City Gallery for more fantastic pictures.


Design: Wouter Biegelaar & Jens Thoms Ivarsson.
Icehotel Building Team: Dave Ruane, Luca Roncoroni, Jörgen Johansson & Mattias Eriksson.
Photographer: Peter Kindersley