Art takes shape

The construction period at ICEHOTEL takes place between October and December each year. It takes approximately eight weeks to finish the construction of the hotel (and six weeks of work before and after this period). It requires about 1,000 tonnes of frozen water and about 30,000 m3 of “snice” (snow and ice; ice particles from Torne River mixed with air. “Snice” resembles snow in that it is white and used for insulation, but structurally it is stronger and purer than just snow.)

The art of ICEHOTEL is created in sections and each artist spends their time here in intervals. During the last week before the hotel opening all 40 artists spend time in the hotel together. The place simply oozes with creativity as it still looks like a building site.

Artists and technicians share the space among ladders, planks, wires, saws, cranes, shovels and wheelbarrows.

Each room is filled with the right amount of snow and ice, using a cutting list and calculations based on the drawings from the artists. Eight weeks later ICEHOTEL is ready and the river has turned into a work of art.

The rooms and hallways are built in a classic oval shape, which is the strongest construction shape due to its self-supporting nature. It is especially noticeable when the hotel melts – instead of collapsing, the roof and walls just become gradually thinner until the sun cracks through.

ICEHOTEL opens its gates for visitors in December. During the following four months the hotel and art exhibition will attract around 50,000 people from around 80 different countries.


It never gets colder than -5 to -8 C

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