Ice - a people magnet

Caught by Umeå

In 2014 the north-Swedish town of Umeå was appointed European Capital of Culture. We joined them on a European tour aimed at generating interest in their town, as well as in the northern regions of Sweden and the country as a whole. Our artists sculpted crystal clear ice in front of locals and visitors of major cities such as
Barcelona, London, Paris, Hamburg and Warsaw. For instance, visitors could experience the contrast between Swedish summer and winter, relaxing in a hammock while our artist crafted an ice sculpture just meters away.

Ice gives a festive edge

Nobel Night Cap

The Nobel Prize Award Ceremony takes place everyDecember in Stockholm. It’s followed by the spectacular Nobel NightCap – a magical after-party in an academic setting with imaginative themes. For several years we have nabled the event sponsors to display their brands in ice – in everything from huge blocks to fancy ice bars. Something which the guests find enchanting.

Ice cuts through the noise

Milano Design Week

At the eventful Milan Furniture Fair a client needed a high-impact feature to attract the fair’s visitors to the Swedish pavilion. ICEHOTEL designed a beautiful exhibit out of magnificent ice blocks, generating a huge amount of interest. Visitors flocked to the pavilion to see and feel the ice that had traveled all the way from Jukkasjärvi Sweden, while enjoying drinks and champagne served in stunning ice glasses.

Ice captivates

Ice joins celebrity chef on foodie tour 

There’s something special about natural ice that has slowly frozen from the cleanest, clearest of waters. This is one of the reasons why ice from the Torne River was one of the Swedish delicacies featured by 2015 winner of the European Bocuse D’Or Tommy Myllymäki and wine guru Jens Dolk, in their traveling TV show “My Kitchen”. They traveled around the country, highlighting delicious regional food and drink. The ice was used as tableware, which we designed, and in the tasty apple juice drinks, rhubarb nectar and raspberry desserts that were served. Guests were fascinated by the story of how the ice was formed, and by its culinary benefits. And loved how the crystal-clear ice enhanced the beautiful presentation of the food.