Cookie policy

ICEHOTEL AB uses cookies for statistical evaluation, marketing and optimization purposes. Cookies are files stored on your computer’s hard drive in order to facilitate navigation on the website. By using cookies, you can avoid having to enter the data required each time you visit our website. Cookies help us tailor the site to your needs, such as your preferred language or area of interest.

The website use permanent and session cookies. Permanent cookies are deleted after a certain time, when you return to the site. Session cookies are deleted when you close your browser. Cookies are not used to damage or destroy your computer.

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You can also receive further information at www.minacookies.se (in Swedish only).

On this website data is collected and stored using technology from Google Anlytics. By default, the analytics.js library uses a single cookie named _ga to store a unique client identifier (Client ID), which is a randomly generated number. Once the ID is generated it’s stored in the cookie and is included with each hit / request sent to Google Analytics. This ID is later used by Google Analytics servers to calculate visitor, session, and campaign data. This cookie will be deleted from your hard drive after 2 Years.

The first part cookie from ICEHOTEL AB, cookie-notice-accepted, stores your acceptance of our cookie policy. The cookie will be deleted from your hard drive after 999 Days.

Name Permanent Duration Purpose
_ga Yes 2 Years To gather data for statistical purpose
cookie-notice-accepted Yes 999 Days To store your acceptance of our cookie policy

You can read more about cookies at the Swedish Post and Telecom Authority’s website.