Dog Sledding Lunch Tour – Driver

Activity facts

Duration: 4 hours Suitable for: Everyone above 15 years in basic shape Age limit: 15 Included: Your own dogsled or a seat as a passenger in the guide's sled, traditional lunch served in a wilderness camp. Gather at: Meeting Point
Dec 2019 - April 2020
Capture the feeling of freedom — drive your own dog sled. Experience the energy from the sled dogs and the beautiful snowy plains on a mini-expedition in the wilderness.
On this hands-on dog sled tour you will learn to run your own team of huskies and get an interesting insight into the musher’s adventurous life in the last wilderness of Europe. After an introduction to equipment and safety the journey through the wintry landscape begins. Heading out across the snowy plains gives a big feeling of freedom. Halfway through the tour a traditional lunch is served at a cosy wilderness camp. After the break the journey continues towards the kennel, where the dogs are unharnessed before you receive a transfer back to the hotel.


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Your clothing is the most important part in order to be able to enjoy your activity to the fullest. We strongly advise you not to underestimate the cold in the Arctic during the winter months, and to carefully follow our recommendations regarding clothing and equipment.
Loan of warm winter overall, warm shoes, gloves and balaclava if needed. Visit Riverside Lobby to get equipt.
Required to bring
Dress warm underneath, preferably in thermal clothing, a warm middle layer and hat.

Keep in mind

You need to be at least 15 years old in order to drive your own dog sled. Passengers are not allowed to ride with other guests, only with the guide for safety reasons.
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