Easter at Icehotel

snowmobiles on the river
Photo Asaf Kliger


Experience Easter in Sweden. In Jukkasjärvi we are welcoming the season that are called the spring-winter, this is the favorite season of many locals. The sun is back, shining on us during the day activities in the northern wilderness.

This is the time of the year when the locals go out skiing, driving the snowmobile on the river for ice fishing and if the sun shines they take the opportunity to dig a so-called snow pit - a pit in the snow where you put down reindeer skins and sit down and enjoy the warmth of the sun with a steaming cup of kokkaffe (boiled coffee in a kettle over an open fire). Easter is a fantastic time at Icehotel, check out what's happening!


Welcome to take a walk through our village and over to The Old Homestead. We are opening the porch that faces the Torne River and has the sun's rays towards it. Order drinks and pizza and let your eyes rest on the adventures on the river - snowmobiles driving around, dog sleds going for adventures and people skiing.

During the days of 7-9 April, you can rent a fishing rod at the Old Homestead and go down to the river to try ice fishing. Settle down on the reindeer fur and hope for fishing luck. Don't forget to use sunscreen if the weather is nice!


timbered building with snow on the porch
A yellow dessert served on Torne river ice


APRIL 3-10, 2023

During Easter week, our dessert on the ice menu gets a new look inspired by Easter. It is of course, served on crystal clear ice from the Torne River. Keep in mind that the ice menu must be booked in advance.



APRIL 7-9, 2023

Experience ice sculpting live with us when the artist Elisabeth Kristensen is on site. This is a unique chance to experience ice sculpting up close by a professional artist. Watch the sculpture take shape between 7-9 April in the square outside Icehotel 33. The artwork will remain in place for a few weeks before the weather and wind take their toll and the sculpture returns to the Torne River.

Artist Elisabeth Kristensen carving in snow
Photo: Private




A man standing near the river during winter
Photo Asaf Kliger


On a really beautiful spring day, my best tip is to enjoy a cup of coffee and the sun on what we in Sweden call a Kick (kick-sleds). Start by buying some coffee from the lounge or Riverside lobby. Outdoors at our area there are kicks to borrow, find one and go to a sunny snow wall. I suggest the first wall directly to the left on the ice square. Park your kick there, sit down and enjoy your Swedish Fika, and the warming rays of the sun reflecting in the snow. Tip! Some days you will need sunscreen.




My tip is to do like the locals and try ice fishing! Together with a guide from Icehotel, you drive a snowmobile out on Jukkasjärvi's winter trail – Torne River. We stop at a cozy wilderness camp called Luspen, which will be our fishing spot for the day. If it's a good fishing spot? I can't promise you'll get a fish, but at least I caught my first there!

It’s absolutely magical to sit on the river, in silence and enjoy the sounds of nature while luring the fish. It’s just something that must be experienced! The whistling of the wind, the snow crunching under the shoes and hopefully warm rays of the sun. After a while, the stomach starts rumbling and the guides serve the group a delicious lunch cooked over the open fire.




Girl next to a snow mobile on a sunny day
Woman standing on the frozen Torne river with cross-country skiis


When I moved up here, I tried cross-country skiing for the first time and was instantly hooked! In the spring when the sun is shining, it is fantastic to take a trip along the Torne River. The trail takes you to Rimisaari, a small island in the middle of the river. On the way over there, you get to enjoy the magically beautiful Arctic nature - the frozen river, snow-covered forest and a few cabins along the river's edge. I highly recommend a stop at the island to enjoy the warming sun before moving on. If oy choose to book our guided ski tour you will stop for Swedish Fika and coffee at this island, I highly recommend!