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Fall outside winter inside at IcehotelFall outside - Winter inside. Sleep on ice all year round. Art Suite Design Tjåsa Gusfors & Patrick Dallard. Photo Asaf Kliger and Graeme Richardson.

Experience fall at ICEHOTEL

The Sami people speak of 8 seasons here in the north of Scandinavia and this reflects their long held experience of the constantly changing environment. The light, the temperature and the nature around us move through cycles each year at what seems like a rapid pace. No sooner than we have cleaned up from Midsummer celebrations and marvelled at the midnight sun are we in the middle of July and the darkness is returning by 10 to 20 minutes each day.

The return of the magical Northern Lights

By late August the sun is setting at around 8:30 pm and the short hours of darkness tells us that winter is coming. The darker period of the year is also a time to be happy as it heralds the return of the magical northern lights, the berries are starting to ripen on the forest floor and there is a great deal of color appearing all the way from the coast to the mountains of Swedish Lapland.

The long midsummer nights have made the nature bloom and the autumn time is now one to harvest and prepare for the winter. Berries and mushrooms and game from the forest are collected and make for some of our most famous culinary delights. The people of the region are also noticing a crispness to the air and it is time to gather wood and prepare an open fire and a sauna to warm us on the chilly evenings.

When to visit ICEHOTEL in fall

Guests who join us at this time of year have an opportunity to join us as we enjoy this most colourful of seasons though to late October when we start to see evidence that winter is soon here. By November snowfalls are regular and the hint of Christmas around the corner and the continuing northern lights displays under the increasing hours of darkness change the mood to anticipation. This is the time of year to take your snowmobile out of the garage, dust off your cross country skis and make sure the pantry is well stocked for the Christmas festivities.

If the northern lights are one of your reasons for coming to visit the arctic then look no further than our Northern lights safari. We walk to our forest camp “Camp Aurora” take coffee´, enjoy the evening and search for the northern lights in this location far away from artificial lights.

Make sure to bring your camera

At Icehotel we have a wide range of great activities that allow guest to experience our way of life in the fall and early winter as a local. Photography is one of our favourite hobbies and the opportunities in Jukkasjärvi during the fall are endless. The colors of the birch have turned golden and the bushes everything from yellow to deep red. Contrast this with the evergreen forest, mountain browns and greys and the white snow still atop our tallest mountains and glaciers and you are only at the beginning. Small lakes, waterfalls and streams abound making for great slow shutter speed opportunities and the reflections on a clear summer days in the lakes need to be seen to be believed. Then later in the evening with your camera on a tripod we will wait for the northern lights to hopefully appear. You will find photography tours that are easily bookable for your guests during their stay with us.

Arctic flavors

As mentioned earlier the fall is a time of plenty and gathering supplies for the winter. At Icehotel we tend to celebrate food all year round but he fall is definitely a time of year that enables us to do some extra special touches. Our award-winning restaurant is open and guests should remember to book early to enjoy the fun and cuisine of the Chef’s table. We would also not miss the Wilderness dinner where guest will enjoy our beautiful scenery as well as an lovingly cooked outdoor dinner with the company of one of our guides.

Local Sauna tradition

At the end of the day there is no better way to experience the local culture than to book a Jukkasjärvi Sauna Ritual. Sauna is a very important part of our way of life in the north along the Torne River and this experience has been designed to be of a quality like no other. Relaxation is an extremely important part of sauna and we have prepared and allowed time for you to enjoy and slow down to our arctic pace.

Sami Wildlife and Nature Photo

As you can see there is a wide range of great things to do at Icehotel in fall and if you are looking to combine many of the above attractions in to a programme that is very special to the arctic and Icehotel, we strongly recommend our 5 day Sami Wildlife and Nature Photo trip. Here we bring, together with our Sami colleagues, an experience that covers Sami life, culture history, photography, northern lights, wildlife, the amazing forest and mountain scenery of the region and of course Icehotel. Something special indeed. Please contact us for information.