Fishing holidays in Sweden

Fishing in Kiruna, Swedish Lapland

With an average of 1 inhabitant per square kilometer, Kiruna - Sweden’s northernmost municipality - offers secluded fishing holiday spots. From the mountains in the east to the forests in the west, intersected by two of Sweden’s largest national rivers, fishing in Kiruna will leave you hooked.

Fish under the northern lights in the Arctic
Torne river in fall when the first snow is starting to set

Rivers and lakes

Kiruna is home to over 6 000 lakes and Sweden’s unregulated national rivers Kalix and Torne, offering a variety of opportunities for recreational freshwater fishing. From fishing spots easily accessible just a short hike from the road to remote stretches only accessible by helicopter and/or private boat, Kiruna attracts life-long fishing enthusiasts as well as beginners who want to try their hand at it for the first time.

The perfect catch

The forceful Baltic salmon and trout, the unpredictable and colorful Arctic char and their unknown cousin grayling with meat so delicate it’s best sampled over the fire, straight from the river - the allure of the catch is as diverse as the locations and keeps you on your toes. 

Additionally, the lakes are rich in perch, pike, and whitefish - historically a local staple diet and is still traditionally caught with nets by locals.

Wilderness camp in winter in Jukkasjärvi
Northern lights over wilderness camp on a fishing trip

When to go

You can fish throughout most months of the year in Kiruna, so it comes down to what type of experience you are looking for. 

Ice fishing is available as soon as the ice is sufficiently thick, usually from early December, but the peak season is between March and May when temperatures are mild and the fish is more active. 

Angling, fly-fishing or casting is for the summer months, with peak season in August.

Planning your fishing holiday

For beginners 

A generally accepted truth among fishing guides is that your first fishing experiences determine whether you get hooked or not - your chances of finding the thrill and joy that captivates fishermen if your first couple of tries are successful. 

Renting or joining a guide

If you are new or inexperienced, booking a day excursion with a group and a tour guide is a good option for a number of reasons. Equipment and suitable clothing are included so you don’t need to worry about buying or renting, and you get a knowledgable guide who can help you with your technique as well as finding the right locations. 

Be mindful that weather conditions will have a dramatic impact on your chances of getting a catch, so a good idea is to plan at least two excursions and combine your holiday with other activities such as hiking or river rafting.

Wilderness camp at Icehotel

For experienced to advanced anglers

ICEHOTEL and a handful of other tour companies offer tailored fishing holidays including: 

  • Guide
  • Camp
  • Transport (helicopter, minibus and/or boat)
  • Full board
  • Permits

Given the small community of tour operators, we work in partnership to offer clients the best fishing camps and locations based on their individual needs. 

Private camp

ICEHOTEL’s founder Yngve Bergqvist is an avid angler and has selected a couple of favorite locations along the Torne River where we have created private fishing camps to offer the comforts of bed linen, gas stove and wood-fired sauna. 

Camps Luspen and Puonojokk are available to rent over a weekend or full week and include:

  • Transport
  • Lodging
  • Tour of the camp and the best fishing spots in the vicinity
  • Linen

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