Group Activities

We can tailor activities and wilderness excursions to your wishes, all year round. Beyond Icehotel in itself, the northern lights, the midnight sun and untouched Narnia-like woods make for unforgettable experiences.

We present som of our most loved activities for groups. Of course, there is also the option to combine Icehotel with other Arctic experiences, for example heli-skiing or fjord safari.


Most Popular

Sauna ritual

Gain the skills to sauna like a Scandinavian with our ten-step sauna ritual, including a river plunge and sauna tapas. The sauna ritual starts with your host guiding you to how to fire the sauna and cultural background, continuing with each of the ten elements in the ritual, including birch tree whip, snow rolling (in winter), tar soap scrub, river plunge and wood-fired bath.

Ice sculpting class

Explore the magical world of ice sculpting. Working with your hands completely absorbs you, realaxing and intense at the same time. The master sculptor begins the class by giving you some background about working with ice, and an introduction to the tools. Each sculptor apprentice is then given a block and chisel and off you go!

Snowmobile safari (winter only)

Come along for a day tour, a northern lights safari or an overnight wilderness experience. The versatile snowmobile really allows for exploring scenery; easily maneuvering them through forest trails, across frozen lakes and rivers. We provide the latest models, top quality equipment and an experienced guide. The tours always start with a brief introduction to the features of the vehicle and how to maneuver them, so even the inexperienced driver can enjoy the ride. (All drivers must hold a valid driving license).

Dog sledding (winter only)

Dog sledding is more than a wonderful nature experience - getting to know our four-legged companions is known reduce stress and improve social behavior, learning and physical health. We can tailor everything from dog sled airport transfers short excursions to longer journeys where everyone drives their own sled.

River rafting

A 40 kilometer river journey through small villages and uninhabitated woodland where wild moose and reindeer graze the shore. Traditional river rafters’ fare, smoked whitefish and kettle boiled coffee is served around an open fire. This tour is taken in a rubber boat and requires all participants to paddle. There is also the option to make a shorter excursion with traditional Lapland long boat instead.


We offer a variety of activities designed to knit your team even tighter; the treetop ropeway track Challenge Park, team relay competition ICEHOTEL Cup, wilderness survival or Arctic kitchen cookery classes are some of our most popular activities and can be adapted to season.


A 30 min talk with one of the key people behind the scenes at Icehotel is an interesting break to your programme. A one-of-a-kind company, a source of inspiration and awe, but also a marvelous story of entrepreneurship, Icehotel is a story of hard work and above all endless creativity that flourishes again and again every year.