Torne River Ice decorates the Nobel Banquet

December, 2017

Ice from ICEHOTEL takes place at this year’s Nobel Banquet

When the yearly Nobel Banquet is held, Sunday, December 10, an unusual guest is represented – parts of Sweden’s northernmost and cleanest river, Torne River, in its frozen state. One ton of ice has been harvested from Torne River, sculpted and transported from Jukkasjärvi in northern Sweden to decorate the Blue Hall in Stockholm during the Nobel Banquet.

Music, food and flower arrangements merge at the Nobel Banquet this year as an homage to the Arctic landscape, and during the evening, the guests will experience the natural crystal clear Arctic ice from Torne River slowly melt down up close.

– It is an honor that a part of the untouched nature of northern Sweden is showcased on this year’s Nobel Banquet. Just like most things in life, the ice is ephemeral, it surrounds us during the long winters in Jukkasjärvi, but suddenly the days are getting longer and the ice begins to melt. Parts of the art at ICEHOTEL melt back into the river and the circle is complete, says Arne Bergh, Creative Director at ICEHOTEL.


Enjoy the beautiful table settings at the Nobel Banquet.


The ice from Torne River has represented Sweden and ICEHOTEL all over the world, from Chanel’s catwalk in Paris and Milano Design Week to various ice bars across the world. Read more about the possibilities to create events and ice products through ICEHOTEL here.

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