Icehotel in collaboration with Stordalen’s Nordic Hotels & Resorts

Press Release May 14, 2020

Icehotel entrance of the ice hotel blue twilight

Photo Asaf Kliger


Icehotel is now a member of the Nordic Hotels & Resorts constellation of selected prestige hotels in the Nordic region. NHR represents 38 other independent hotels and the world-renowned, ice-cold destination, 160 km north of the Arctic Circle, is the most recent addition to the group's portfolio.

“I love everything Icehotel stands for. It represents the most extreme kind of entrepreneurship. They have succeeded in realizing what many would consider a completely crazy idea. Yngve and the crew have been pioneers in so many different ways, not only creating jobs, but also becoming one of northern Europe's most fascinating destinations. I am delighted that we are now entering into collaboration. Together, we will work to help more visitors discover Jukkasjärvi and the hotel,” says Nordic Hotels & Resorts founder Petter Stordalen.

Working according the motto “dig where you stand – much still remains undone”, entrepreneur Yngve Bergqvist started the world's first and biggest Icehotel in 1989. 30 years later, operating all year round, the hotel attracts some 70,000 international visitors annually. “During our first 30 years we have achieved recognition throughout the world and we have come to be something of a symbol for Sweden in many contexts. Now we look forward to welcoming more Nordic and Swedish visitors and giving then a chance to experience the arctic light and crystal-clear ice. And works of art, of course,” adds Yngve Bergqvist, Icehotel’s founder. .

A collage of two portraits of a man and a women at Icehotel

Yngve Bergqvist och Malin Franck, Icehotel


In 2016 Icehotel 365 opened. This section of Icehotel, which is open year round, features Icebar by Icehotel Jukkasjärvi and 18 rooms of ice and snow, of which nine are deluxe suites with private, heated relaxation rooms with saunas and bathtubs or showers and other amenities adjacent to the suites. Icehotel 365 is operated with the aid of 800 square metres of solar panels, which are installed on the roof.

In conjunction with the opening the decision was taken to boost the hotel's position on the year-round Nordic market and discussions with Nordic Hotels & Resorts were initiated shortly thereafter. “We regard Nordic Hotels & Resorts as a strong partner for development on the Nordic market. This collaboration marks an important milestone for us and we are very pleased and proud,” says Icehotel’s CEO Malin Franck. .

Contact between the two players is nothing new. Collaboration was initiated as early as 2002, when the world’s first permanent icebar opened at Hotel C in Stockholm. Since then, Icebar , which is made from 40 tonnes of ice, has been one of Stockholm's most popular bars among international guests. “This is a natural precursor and I like the idea that Icebar Stockholm is an appetizer that will tempt guests to discover its origins in Jukkasjärvi,” says Petter Stordalen. As a member of the Nordic Hotels & Resorts alliance, the hotel retains its brand and concept. Icehotel will continue to be a fully stand-alone, entrepreneurially driven hotel with art, creativity and guests in focus – and now with the advantage of a much broader context.

Icehotel will now be part of a hotel group that includes several of the Nordic region's most appreciated and prestigious hotels, such as Copperhill Mountain Lodge, Yasuragi, At Six, Hotel Kämp, The Thief and Villa Copenhagen. The hotel will now also be part of Nordic Choice Club, a loyalty club that entitles members to special offers and discounts at more than 200 hotels throughout the Nordic region.



Press Contacts

Icehotel | Josefin Lindberg,  Press & PR | [email protected]  | +46 739232725

Nordic Hotels & Resorts | Kenneth Hultgren, Head of Communications | +46 70 695 85 90



Icehotel in Jukkasjärvi opened in 1989. In addition to being a hotel it is also an art exhibition, with original art in ice and snow, that changes from season to season. Each winter a new version of Icehotel is created entirely from ice from the Torne River, one of Sweden's National Heritage Rivers, which are protected from hydroelectric development. When the winter season’s hotel of ice and snow has melted and returned to the river in spring, part of the hotel remains – a place where visitors can enjoy experiences of ice and snow all year round.



Nordic Hotels & Resorts is a company within the Nordic Choice Hotels group, which owns and operates 38 hotels under their own independent brands. Each hotel is unique and aims to provide extraordinary hotel experiences and exceed guests’ expectations. .


Short facts about Icehotel 

Warm rooms 44
Warm chalets 28 
Accessible warm rooms 33 
Ice suites (–5) year–round 18 
Ice suites (–5) mid Dec–mid April 32 
Accessible ice suites 1
Meeting rooms 3
Wedding venue mid Dec–mid April 1
Ice bar (incl. event area) 1
Bar 1
Restaurants mid April–mid Dec 1
Restaurants mid Dec–mid April 3
Gift shop 1
Saunas 2
Wilderness camps 3
ceremony hall made of ice and snow
Design Saito Shingo & Natsuki Shingo | Photo Asaf Kliger
giant ice block is lifted up from Torne River during ice harvest at Icehotele älv i solsken
Facts in brief

10 seconds – The total amount of ice used to create the winter part of the hotel, corresponding to the volume of water that flows past in the Torne River every ten seconds.

1,000 ice crystals – The iconic crystal chandeliers carry

1,000 hand-sculpted ice crystals.

110 million ice pops – The main building material is "snice" (a mixture of snow and ice).

30,000 cubic metres of the material, the equivalent of 110 million ice pops, is used to build the floors, roofs and walls of the hotel.

Icehotel most googled – In 2016 Icehotel was the Swedish tourism destination that was googled most by people outside Sweden.