ICEHOTEL in numbers

300 beds

ICEHOTEL has around 150 warm and cold beds respectively. In addition, the complex includes ice church, ice bar, ice sculpting studio and pillar hall. The hotel also includes two heated restaurants, lounge, four meeting rooms and two wilderness camps.

700 million snowballs

The 35 000 cubic meters of snice (snow +ice mixture) used to build ICEHOTEL equals the volume of 700 million snowballs. 

1 000 ice crystals

The chandeliers adorning the Main Hall comprises 1 000 handcut ice crystals.

-5 C /21 F

The average temperature of ICEHOTEL is -5 C/21 F, thanks to the insulating effect of the snow. Outdoor temperatures range between 20 C/68 F in July and -40 C/-40 F in January. 

546 artists

The suites in ICEHOTEL are designed and crafted by artists from all over the world. Since its’ inception, ICEHOTEL has had works of 546 artists.