Celebrate Swedish midsummer at ICEHOTEL

The arctic summer reaches its peak on Midsummer Eve the 23 of June, when the midnight sun shines all night long. For the first time you can celebrate a traditional Swedish midsummer and then fall asleep in an Art Suite created out of pristine ice in the year-round open ICEHOTEL.

Celebrate a traditional Swedish midsummer in Jukkasjärvi from noon, try dancing around the Maypole, eat freshly baked flatbread from the village’s bake house and experience traditional fishing with net.

And why not celebrate midsummer with an adventure unlike anything else? A river rafting tour under the midnight sun on Torne River is arranged on Midsummer Eve. The trip along the river takes you through a quiet forest in both calm and more challenging waters – all in the light of the midnight sun during one of the year’s brightest nights. A dinner is cooked over open fire along the way.

Following the tour it’s time for the prime; spend the midsummer night in -5 C, in an Art Suite filled with hand-sculpted art from Torne River. The year-round open Icehotel holds an ice bar, an ice gallery and twenty ice suites, nine of them with private sauna and relax, all individually created by artists from around the globe.

Midsummer at ICEHOTEL

  • Traditional midsummer lunch is served in Icehotel Restaurant from 11 am-2.30 pm.
  • Midsummer celebrations with the traditional dance around the Maypole, freshly baked flatbread from the village’s bake house and traditional fishing at the Old Homestead in Jukkasjärvi with start at noon.
  • Summer activities with guide or on your own accord – day and nighttime! We highly recommend the River rafting under the midnight sun 4:30 pm-10.30 pm.
  • Guided tours at Icehotel 10 am, 12, 2 & 4 pm
  • Dinner and live music at the Jukkasjärvi Homestead.

Read more about the activities and opening times in the Midsummer Celebration Program.

Midsummer celebration program Book package

Welcome to a midsummer celebration unlike any other!


ps. If you are not quite sure what Swedish Midsummer is about, please check the video :)