The first guests slept in the new part of ICEHOTEL

Dense silence, sub-zero temperatures and an unforgettable experience – Ros-Marie and Per Ernrup were the first guests to sleep in the part of Icehotel that will be open year-round and opened mid-November, 2016.

Ros-Marie and Per Ernrup visited Icehotel for Per’s 60th birthday. They had high expectations but didn’t know they would be the first guests to sleep in the brand new part of Icehotel. Only hours before their arrival, Icehotel’s founder Yngve Bergqvist proudly announced that the year-round part of Icehotel was ready to welcome its first guests.

– After we had checked in and settled in the hotel room, Yngve Bergqvist called and asked if we wanted to join him for a guided tour of the newly opened hotel. We were surprised but joyously said yes! Yngve’s enthusiasm shone through his eyes when he told us that his dream had come true and we were the first guests to sleep there. He showed us inside the hotel and we got to see the 20 Art- and Deluxe Suites as well as the magnificent Icebar, said Per.

Ros-Marie continues:
– There were so many parts that fascinated us, every suite was an artwork itself, but also the fact that a hotel made of ice and snow can be cooled year-round, thanks to a refrigerating plant that runs on solar power during the summer months.

When a unique idea turns to reality, some challenges may appear, especially if you are creating something that has never been done before. Yngve explained that one of the challenges was to get the ice and snow projected onto the ceiling – an element that was not finished during Ros-Marie and Per’s visit.

– For us it was fascinating and interesting to see Icehotel in progress. The artists were working on their art in the different suites and we got to peek over sculptor Lena Kristöm’s shoulder, who was creating sculptures to the Deluxe Suite ”Twitter”. Despite the fact that the hotel was not totally finished, we felt that the staff went above and beyond to make our stay amazing, and we got a totally exclusive experience and service at Icehotel. The fact that we were almost alone in the hotel was exciting and gave us room to explore on our own accord.

How did you sleep?

– Beyond expectations! We got the advice to put our overalls at the bottom of our sleeping bag, which helped us keep warm through the night. A guide woke us up in the morning and we were served hot lingonberry juice and then it was time for sauna and breakfast. A delightful birthday morning, said Per.

Do you have any suggestions for other guests visiting Icehotel?
– Don’t miss the ice menu with the accompanying wine package in Icehotel Restaurant. We ate and enjoyed the local food that partly was served on ice from Torne River.

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Ros-Marie and Per stayed in the Art Suite “You are my type”. Design: Charli Kasselbäck & John Bark. Photo: Asaf Kliger