Jenny & Mikael´s secret escape wedding

“We got engaged in a tree hotel and exchanged the rings on a snowy mountain – so it was perfect to get married in a church made of ice, 200 kilometers north of the Arctic Circle!”

Photograper: Kent Tunlind

We wanted a small wedding

We wanted to do a small and secret wedding so when we heard about the possibility to get married at Icehotel we contacted their wedding coordinator and started to plan the wedding.

One of our biggest concerns was what we should wear in the cold, but after a lot of googling we decided to go all in with tuxedo and a proper dress – with long johns under!

Arriving in the Arctic

Eight months after our first contact with Eva, it was time for the wedding. We told our kids that we were all going on a secret trip and when we finally arrived at Icehotel in Jukkasjärvi we were totally amazed by the nature, the art and the cold – and the fact that we were going to get married after 14 years together!


-11° C / 12.2°F on the wedding day

We had talked with the priest on the phone, but the first day at Icehotel we met him to talk about the ceremony. He was great, and it all felt very natural. When we woke up the next day, the wedding day, it was -11 C (12.2°F) and we dressed up in tuxedo and wedding dress and met up with the photographer.

We had the photo shoot inside the Icehotel, a really amazing plaze to take photos that are going to last for life.

The ceremony

After lunch it was time to get things going! When we walked in to the beautiful ice church, all dressed up and nervous, we got very emotional.


Pre-occupied by the moment

The priest was there waiting for us, as well as our kids, our best friend and Mikael’s brother. Even though it was minus degrees in the church we did not feel the cold, maybe because we were pre-occupied by the moment.

Emotional and unique

We chose a song by the Swedish Sámi artist Sofia Jannok for the ceremony and it was perfect to hear her beautiful voice in there. The ceremony was very emotional and unique, a memory for life with the ice, the art and the amazing atmosphere!

Photo shoot by night & Candlelit dinner

Later on we enjoyed a delicious candlelit dinner in the restaurant and we even got an ice sculpture at our table, melting slowly hour by hour. When this special day was over we took the traditional Swedish “kick”, a kind of sled, and went back to our warm hotel rooms! We did not get to sleep in the rooms made of ice this time, our kids were too young, but we will come back and do it as a wedding anniversary later on!


Jenny and Mikael Holmqvist, got married in the ice church at Icehotel, the 7th of January 2014.

“The ceremony was very emotional and unique, a memory for life with the ice, the art and the amazing atmosphere!”