Lavvu Glamping


Double bed (two beds) | Private patio with firepit | Free non-alcoholic minibar | Access to sauna in Riverside Lobby | Non smoking | Breakfast | Entrance to Icehotel
Inside a glamping lavvu
Photo Tentipi

Welcome to our glamping – the perfect accommodation for you who are looking for something unique, close to nature and with a private patio with a firepit. Our Lavvu tents are spacious with a harmonious feeling and are located right next to the riverbank. Wake up to birds singing high up in the treetops, the whistling of the wind through the branches and the calm lapping of the majestic Torne River.

Inside the lavvu-tent it is warm and heated as well as electricity for charging your phone. There are two beds, and you sleep with a classic soft duvet and sheets. A non-alcoholic minibar is included in the price and, together with two armchairs and a small coffee table it invites you to a well-deserved break after a day of activities in the untouched wilderness.

Outside the tent you will find your private patio with a firepit for barbecuing, here you can enjoy late warm summer evenings under the rays of the midnight sun.


Roam amongst the beautiful ice sculptures and discover new details in the artwork – with free entrance to Icehotel throughout the stay, the magical setting can be experienced over and over again.