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Location & Transport links

Fly in to Kiruna Airport with SAS Scandinavian Airlines or Norwegian via Stockholm Arlanda. The journey takes about 90 minutes so making a short stop in Stockholm to experience the Swedish capital is ideal. Stockholm Arlanda is a major hub for international flight connections into Scandinavia. See list of current direct connections.

Icehotel is located just 15 minutes’ drive from the airport. Book a transfer through us – your traditional mini cab or something more exotic; arrive to Icehotel with snowmobile or dog sled.

Once at the hotel complex, everything is within easy walking distance. See the hotel map

Weather and climate

We have a sub-arctic inland climate with dramatic temperature differences ranging from -30 C (-22 F) to 15 C (59 F). In mid-winter, December to February, we have the extreme frost-in-your-eyelashes winter, while March to May is characterized by mild temperatures and clear skies – what the locals call “Spring winter”. Summer and autumn offer cool temperatures ideal for physical activities and a nice escape from hot regions like the middle East and southern US.  Read more about the local climate Weatherspark.com

We’re blessed with natural wonders that are a reason to visit in their own right. The northern lights from September to March, the pastel kaamos light in December and the intense midnight sun. 

We have equipment to keep you safe and comfortable throughout the year. Corporate groups can pre-book warm outer clothing waiting on arrival and we also recommend you upgrade with an Ultimate Kit for each delegate – hat, fleece long johns and tee, backpack, balaclava and woolly socks – a useful and memorable gift.

Planning & coordinating

We will do everything we can to ensure your client has the trip of a lifetime.

A destination as remote and exotic as ours isn’t always easy to plan for, so at your hand you have our team of incentive and corporate planning specialists. Here’s what we can offer:

  • A personal planner who will help you through preparing and delivering the event/trip.
  • DMC service that can cater for all ground arrangements.
  • Tailored program & activities.
  • A professional presentation pitch for your client showcasing the full experience.
  • A copy of the detailed itinerary and timings of the event from start to finish.
  • Quality equipment to ensure a good client experience.
  • On-site guide with experience of working with corporate group and who takes care of your team from arrival to departure.

With us, you’re in safe hands.

Booking, cancellation & payment policy

General terms & conditions  

ICEHOTEL complies with the general booking terms of the Swedish tourism trade association Visita. These will be attached to your proposal, but you can also read them online.

Payment information

You have a preliminary reservation for 14 days, during which time ICEHOTEL AB will tentatively hold accommodation and other items on your proposed itinerary. You confirm your reservation by paying a deposit of 25% of the total amount to ICEHOTEL AB, no later than 14 days after receiving itinerary and price offer. By paying the deposit, you are also confirming to us that you have taken part of the itinerary, price, booking conditions, etc. If you exceed this period, your booking is automatically terminated and arrangements and prices proposed in the offer are no longer valid. The deposit is non-refundable and applies to the number of confirmed participants at the time of making the reservation, regardless if the number of participants may be reduced at a later point once the booking has been confirmed by you.

The remaining amount is payable to ICEHOTEL AB no later than 30 days before arrival. Any additional costs arising from supplements or changes during your stay with us will be invoiced to you and are payable to ICEHOTEL AB no later than 30 days after departure.

Cancellation policy
When canceling four weeks or less prior to the date of the group’s arrival, the client is subject to a cancellation charge of 75% of the total amount of your order. Cancelations made within two weeks of the date of the group’s arrival are non-refundable and the client is subject to a cancellation charge of 100% of the total amount of your order.

The above are the general conditions of ICEHOTEL AB; on which our prices and services are based. For special arrangements outside the scope of general booking conditions, a written agreement signed by both parties is required.

Insurance information

We advise all that guests staying with us have valid home-, accident- and/or travel insurance privately or through work.

Icehotel’s accident insurance terms

Icehotel and our sub-contractors all have liability insurance, meaning that our guests are covered should there be an incident at the hotel or during any activities operated by us for which we as a company are found at fault or not in keeping with the regulatory framework.

Icehotel also holds traffic and vehicle damage insurances for all motor-tours operated by us (i.e. snowmobiling & ice driving), meaning that the driver and passenger of the vehicle are insured in case of an accident. Through our insurance, you as a guest are also covered for any damage to the vehicle while out on our tours. The person driving the vehicle at the time of the incident is liable to pay the excess fee, capped at SEK 8000 per claim.

Icehotel holds a statutory traffic insurance to cover any damage you may cause to another person on the road, property or another vehicle.

All insurances above are applicable to accidents only, i.e. these terms do not apply if the person/guest in question is found to have wilfully inflicted injury or damage to himself, another person or our property.