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Memorable events


Crystal clear ice and the Arctic landscape make for a glistening stage to host memorable events and meetings. Jukkasjärvi is a historic marketplace where people have met and exchanged experiences since time immemorial. At Icehotel, a large part of the meetings have always taken place outdoors and there is plenty of space here in our arctic surroundings.

The Torne River ice has represented Sweden all over the world, from Chanel’s catwalk in Paris to the Nobel Banquet in Stockholm, and it makes up the world famous Icehotel, 200 km north of the Arctic Circle.

Film premiere, competition, glamorous gala dinner – or unwind and get in touch with nature and your team. 


Tipis on the frozen river
Photo Asaf Kliger

Conference specifics


Meeting room
max capacity
Torne 124 90 Cinema
Kaitum 40 16 U-shape
Luspen 27 10 Board meeting


Conference venue is accessible by wheelchair. Included in venue hire: Flip chart, pen & paper, LCD 70” (Kaitum and Luspen), daylight/blackout, whiteboard, adapters to laptops, wireless WiFi, projector (Torne), microphone (Torne), speakers (Torne), stage with rostrum (Torne).

About the hotel


Meeting room
Number of
Warm rooms      
Warm chalets      
Warm accessible rooms      

Ice rooms year-round


About the hotel 

Built: 1989 

Number of warm rooms: 44 

Number of warm chalets: 28 

Number of warm accessible rooms: 33 

Number of cold (-5) rooms year-round: 18 

Number of cold (-5) rooms December – April: 32 

Number of cold (-5) accessible rooms: 1 

Number of Meeting rooms: 3 

Number of bars: 2 

Number of lounges: 1 

Number of restaurants winter season: 3 

Number of restaurants summer season: 1 

Nordic Swan Eco Label 


Conference venue is accessible by wheelchair. Included in venue hire: Flip chart, pen & paper, LCD 70” (Kaitum and Luspen), daylight/blackout, whiteboard, adapters to laptops, wireless WiFi, projector (Torne), microphone (Torne), speakers (Torne), stage with rostrum (Torne).

Dinner inside a tipi tent
Photo Asaf Kliger

Nature, art & culture


Hosting your event at a hotel made of ice and snow, 200 km north of the Arctic Circle, has a way of making an impression on guests. Bring your clients to showcase the innovative Sweden, or do an inspiration trip with your company. Here you are surrounded by nature, creativity, culture – and the crystal clear ice, year-round.

Our team has organized client events for more than twenty years, both at the hotel and in a number of locations around the world – and of course, always with our signature ice. Over the years, the iconic main hall and ice bar have been used for promoting premium-end furniture, cars, and houseware, hosting theatre and opera, fashion shows and much more.

Choose a destination that is guaranteed to lift the team spirit for your next group-, conference- or incentive trip. Your event or meeting will be taken care of from start to finish, and we will help you tailor an experience the team never forgets.

Local specialties


Award-winning food experiences in a warm restaurant or in nature. Icehotel Restaurant offers award-winning food in a relaxing environment – a perfect place to taste local produce like shiitake mushrooms, lichen, reindeer filet and Arctic char. Host your gala dinner in the warm restaurant, in a specially built tipi on the ice or enjoy a twelve-course Chef’s Table menu at Icehotel’s Veranda. 

White Guide: Icehotel Restaurant best in Kiruna – and top three in Swedish Lapland. 

We cook food with love and we have a passion for the products that Swedish Lapland is offering us. We really love our job and receiving this award is an important acknowledgment for us, says Linn Fjärdbo, Food & Beverage Manager at Icehotel. 

Local reindeer served on a plate with sticks
Photo Asaf Kliger
People inside Icehotel
Photo Louise Nordström Pettersson

let us help you plan


We know that careful planning is the secret to delivering a top-quality event, and specialist knowledge is a great resource when working with a living material such as ice, or indeed organizing an event in the Arctic.

Here’s how we can help:

  • A personal planner who will help you through preparing and delivering the event/trip.
  • DMC service that can cater for all ground arrangements around Icehotel.
  • Tailored program & activities for events at Icehotel.
  • A professional presentation pitch for your client showcasing the full experience.
  • Detailed practical information to ensure a smooth delivery.
  • Quality goods, equipment and suppliers to ensure a good client experience.
  • On-site guide(s) with experience of working with corporate groups and who takes care of your team from arrival to departure (for events at Icehotel).
  • Here’s our insurance information and booking terms and conditions for group trips and events



Facts and ideas


At Icehotel we have all the requirements and facilities needed for a traditional meeting, and a huge possibility for unconventional conferences – for example in the year-round part of Icehotel, in a sauna, lavvu-tent or somewhere in the untouched nature. Bond your group through teambuilding activities, tailored to your needs and season. There are 276 beds and the biggest (indoor) conference room can seat up to 100 people. 


How about beginning your day, listening to the silence on a dog sled tour, followed by an adventure race in the wilderness and a five-course ice menu in a traditional Sami tent on the frozen Torne River to finish? The experienced booking team will help you book a conference package or tailor the entire experience. Top off your stay with a night on ice in sub-zero degrees – year-round.


Europe’s last wilderness. A visit to Icehotel is not complete without an adventure in the nature around the hotel, Europe’s last wilderness. Explore the woodlands from a dog sled and hunt the dancing northern lights on a snowmobile during the winter. Or meet under the magical light from the midnight sun and experience the serenity in the lush forest green, or feel the adrenaline kick in on a river rafting tour during the summer. 


Icehotel is situated 200 km above the Arctic Circle, but only one hour and thirty minutes by plane from Stockholm. The closest airport is Kiruna, which has daily connections to/from Stockholm. From Kiruna Airport, you can go by car, taxi or you can book the transfer through us.


Tipis in the wild
Photo Asaf Kliger
People about to swim in the Torne river wearing Icehotel bathrobes
Photo Asaf Kliger

I would like to take this opportunity to express our deep gratitude for your kind and warm hospitality during our visit this week. The group came back with amazing stories about their experience throughout the whole time. Their guide Staffan was perfect! He was very attentive and they felt well taken care of. We hope to visit you again soon.


Icehotel treated us to a wonderful experience – art, adventure and delicious food in an unparalleled combination. The high level of service and friendly staff made our stay even better than anticipated.


Icehotel art suite of ice and snow
Design Paul & Marnie Green | Photo Asaf Kliger





wilderness dessert
Photo Asaf Kliger


Let the group be inspired by the arctic wilderness at a meeting in the Arctic. Icehotel has everything you need for a traditional conference – with a touch of wilderness. In this package you get a unique experience 200 km north of the Arctic Circle while you get time to reflect and exchange thoughts to develop both individually and as a group.



Bring your group on a real adventure where Icehotel enables you to exchange the meeting room for the untouched wilderness. Creative meetings are interspersed with fast-paced activities that will make your team stronger and provide you with memories for life.


River Rafting at Torne River
Photo Asaf Kliger
women walking in the challenge park
Photo Asaf Kliger


Together you get time to form bands, collaborate and create team spirit. The group will feel a strong community after a few days together in our unique environment.



Pause for a moment and breath in the fresh air. Here at Icehotel you have a perfect place to exchange thoughts and reflections. During the days you get time in an inspiring environment where you get to take part of unique ice art, fantastic northern flavors, and exercises with specially developed process cards. 


wilderness dinner
Photo Asaf Kliger





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