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Kristian Anttila playing at event in the Main hall, IcehotelKristian Anttila playing in the Main hall at the opening of ICEHOTEL 2015. Photo Paulina Holmgren.


Crystal clear ice and the Arctic landscape make for a glistening stage to host memorable events.


Hosting your event at a hotel made of ice and snow, 200 km north of the Arctic Circle, has a way of making an impression on guests.

Our team has organized client events for more than twenty years, both at the hotel and in a number of locations around the world – and of course, always with our signature ice. Over the years, the iconic main hall and ice bar have been used for promoting premium-end furniture, cars and house ware, hosting theatre and opera, fashion shows and much more.


Over the years we have arranged ice settings for events in other locations all over the World, from Kiruna to Cape Town. We´ve built playgrounds, a catwalk, live ice sculpting, ice events in the desert, ice for decoration at international launches, for serving food & drinks and much more. We just love ice events! 

Planning an event with us

We know that careful planning is the secret to delivering a top quality event, and specialist knowledge is a great resource when working with a living material such as ice, or indeed organizing an event in the Arctic.

Here’s how we can help:

  • A personal planner who will help you through preparing and delivering the event/trip.
  • DMC service that can cater for all ground arrangements around Icehotel.
  • Tailored program & activities for events at Icehotel.
  • A professional presentation pitch for your client showcasing the full experience.
  • Detailed practical information to ensure a smooth delivery.
  • Quality goods, equipment and suppliers to ensure a good client experience.
  • On-site guide(s) with experience of working with corporate groups and who takes care of your team from arrival to departure (for events at Icehotel).
  • Here’s our insurance information and booking terms and conditions for group trips and events.


  • Ericsson, Swedish/International Company

    “I would like to take this opportunity to express our deep gratitude for your kind and warm hospitality during our visit this week. The group came back with amazing stories about their experience throughout the whole time. Their guide Staffan was perfect! He was very attentive and they felt well taken care of. We hope to visit you again soon.”

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  • Atlas Copco Road Construction Equipment

    “ICEHOTEL treated us to a wonderful experience – art, adventure and delicious food in an unparalleled combination. The high level of service and friendly staff made our stay even better than anticipated.”

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  • Animal ad agency (for the Sweden launch of Picard)

    “The ice sculpture really fascinated people. It was magical. In this fancy part of Stockholm it got people talking and was a social media hit, resulting in a super-successful launch."

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