DELUXE BY MINI by Peter Koerbler, Tom Allemeier, Viktor Tsarski & Wouter Biegelaar. Photo: Christopher Hauser

MINI designs hotel deluxe suite at Icehotel

MINI, through BMW Group subsidiary DesignworksUSA, was invited by the hotel design team to create a deluxe suite 200 km north of the Arctic Circle – using only ice and snow.

If your immediate thought is a MINI Cooper carved out of ice, think again. When given free reins, Peter Koerbler of Designworks USA, in consultation with Jens Thoms Ivarsson of Icehotel, came up with a fairytale grove featuring fantasy animals, trees and objects. The suite was inaugurated by Koerbler along with Icehotel veterans Wouter Biegelaar and Victor Tsarski during three intense weeks in sub-zero temperatures.

A magical winter’s tale
Koerbler wanted to capture the magic of Icehotel and its Arctic surroundings, meanwhile telling a story of a journey that transforms the very DNA of its creatures – a metamorphosis into a MINI.  The features populating the room pick up on the themes of evolution and transformation and tell a story that subtly plays with the design DNA of MINI and with the cognitive perception of guests. The three-dimensional story, related by the elements within the room, is augmented by modern-day “cave painting” on ice above the sleeping area, which symbolically “freezes” the room’s fantasy world until the snowmelt.

The suite took three weeks to complete and was hand-sculpted by Koerbler, together with Dutch designer Wouter Biegelaar and Bulgarian artist Victor Tsarski – both Icehotel veterans.

Boasting a private sauna and heated relaxation area, guests who book this suite also receive complimentary courses in ice sculpting with professional sculptors and access to a four wheel drive MINI Countryman as part of the package. The suite costs SEK13 000 per night and is available until it melts back to Mother Nature in April 2014.



For hi-res images and further information, contact Beatrice Karlsson:

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