Icehotel Certified for the Nordic Swan Ecolabel

huge ice block lifted from the river at Icehotel

Icehotel, with its very special conditions, got certified for the Nordic Swan Ecolabel in 2018. The certification ensures that Icehotel meets the Nordic Swan Ecolabel criteria on how to deal with waste management, water usage, chemical usage, organic and eco-labelled purchases as well as energy usage.


Environmental footprints

The certification also takes into consideration the environmental footprints made by the guests who stay at the hotel - those who stays in the ice rooms as well as those who enjoy the heated hotel rooms, restaurants or conference facilities.


family on hike in forest at Icehotel
Photo Asaf Kliger
hands on ice block
Photo Andreas Nilsson

Our entire business at Icehotel is dependent on clean water, clean air and untouched nature. Holding an acclaimed certification such as the Nordic Swan, we make things easier for our staff and also for our customers and partners.

Hopefully we will inspire more companies to start their own journey to get certified - it is possible, even for a hotel with extraordinary conditions. 


About the Nordic Swan Eco Label

The Nordic Swan Ecolabel, was born in 1989 when the Nordic council of ministers founded “the Swan” to help consumers choose environmentally concious products. It all started with Nordic Ecolabelled copying paper and batteries, but today you can choose from over 10 000 products and services carrying the Nordic Swan Ecolabel.

After a few years, the EU founded the official European Ecolabel. Ecolabelling Sweden, a state owned non-profit company, is responsible for both the Nordic Swan Ecolabel aswell as the EU Ecolabel in Sweden.



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