Full Week, all inclusive SEK 23 500 per person*.

Full week. *The price/per person is based on two people sharing a double room. You can choose variations of limited packages starting from SEK 10 300.

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ICEHOTEL Wellness Week

The Wellness Week has been moved from fall to spring  new dates are coming soon. Note that there will be no Wellness Week in October.

Welcome to a life-enriching week

Life-enriching, invigorating and strengthening. Spend an entire week working out and getting coached by Jasmin Salhi and Linda Ahlgren from Pilates Complete, and physiotherapist Magnus Ringberg at ICEHOTEL in Jukkasjärvi. Experience adventure, the magnificent ice art, and culinary wellness experiences – surrounded by the transcendent Arctic nature.

Invest in your health

The week offers a unique wellness experience for your body and soul, with guidance from renowned coaches with high international standard. All classes will be lead by both instructors and you will get personal ”hands on” instructions and support throughout the training.

The package includes

  • Accommodation 6 nights
  • Full board; breakfast, lunch, dinners incl Ice menu and Wilderness dinner.
  • Activity package selection including Sámi Nature’s Pantry, Challenge Park, Jukkasjärvi Sauna Ritual and Hiking.
  • 1-2 classes a day with Pilates Complete & Magnus Ringberg; functional training, yoga,  pilates, garudayoga and lectures
  • One hour of personal training where you get tips and advice on how you can improve your technique and get a stronger, more flexible and balanced body. Personal training gives you new opportunities since the workout is tailored to your needs and goals. You get individual advice and guidance for challenging yourself and reach your full potential through Pilates, yoga and Garuda.

Meals – ICEHOTEL Restaurant

All meals are served in ICEHOTEL Restaurant unless otherwise mentioned. ICEHOTEL is awarded Kiruna’s best restaurant and top three in Swedish Lapland in White Guide 2017, Sweden’s leading restaurant guide. Today’s lunch is always served with a choice of meat, fish and vegetarian, including a salad buffet, dessert and coffee.


Chef’s Table – Wednesday 6:30 pm

For Wednesday evening, you have the opportunity to book a seat at our praised culinary experience Chef’s Table at The Veranda.

Together with our Michelin-trained Head Chef Alexander Meier and ICEHOTEL’s Restaurant Manager and sommelier Sofie Nordefors, we are proudly presenting a new meeting place at ICEHOTEL in Jukkasjärvi. At The Veranda we are welcoming you “home” to ICEHOTEL and also home to Sweden. As in every Swedish home, the guests take off their shoes when entering the dwelling.

A drink or alcohol-free option is served and there is an opportunity to mingle with the other guests and the staff. After that, you are invited to sit down at the huge wooden table with the rest of the guests. Two chefs from Head Chef Alexander Meier’s brigade cook and serve a eight-course menu with accompanying beverages in front of you. While you enjoy the food, the chefs talk about the produce.


The price/per person is based on two people sharing a double room.

This package does not include flights/transport to and from Kiruna. We reserve the right to make adjustments to the programme such as the activity options and/or number of yoga instructors depending on the size of the group.

Do you need special arrangements or more information, please contact us for assistance.


Video & gallery

Wellness at ICEHOTEL Gallery Video Pilates Complete – yoga Video Pilates Complete – matwork



Arrival/Transfer from Kiruna Airport and Check-in

Noon/2.30 pm Lunch (Depending on arrival time)

Today’s lunch is always served with a choice of meat, fish and vegetarian, including a salad buffet, dessert and coffee.

1 – 3:30 pm

Free time, depending on arrival time.

3:30 – 4 pm Activity


On our guided tour, you will get a presentation of ICEHOTEL and its history. We tell you about Jukkasjärvi, Torne River with the pure water and the pristine ice, the creative process behind the ephemeral art and how we build the winter hotel. The tour ends inside ICEHOTEL 365 where you get to experience the amazing ice art.

Place: Meeting Point

4:30 – 5:30 Lecture/workout


The introduction workshop tells you everything about the history and benefits with Yoga, Pilates- and Garuda training. The workshop begins with a lecture, followed by an active part where you learn the basics for each workout routine.

Place: Conference room

Dress code: soft workout clothes, barefoot or soft shoes

7 pm Dinner


The international kitchen brigade, with Head Chef Alexander Meier – trained at the two-star Michelin restaurant Le Béarn in Geneva – puts a continental twist on the local ingredients, gathered from rivers, mountains, moors and forests in our surroundings. The gorgeous ice from Torne River adds another exciting element to your dinner in shapes of table decorations, plates or bowls.

Place: ICEHOTEL Restaurant


7 am Breakfast

9 – 10 am Workout


Strengthening morning class with mat-based Pilates movements that improves your posture, builds inner strength and gives you energy for the weekend.

Place: On the grass outside the Old Homestead

Dress code: soft workout clothes, barefoot or soft shoes

10.15 – 11.15  am Workout


Standing yogaclass that will energize and encourage full body activation. Perfect way to continue centering the body.

Place: On the grass outside the Old Homestead

Dress code: soft workout clothes, barefoot or soft shoes

12 – 1 pm Lunch

1 –4 pm Activity


Welcome to spend the afternoon in the nature. We pick berries and plants and learn about how they are used in Sámi everyday life. We end the day with an Sámi-inspired dinner where we get to taste our own berries and plants.

Our Sámi guide will take us to the countryside to collect berries and plants, depending on the season. We learn about how they have been used, and still are used, in the Sámi tradition and we learn more about plants, nature and wildlife in the area.

The coffee will be served out in the nature, by an open fire, and at the end of the day we go to the restaurant for dinner. The chef will meet up and take care of our collected pantry. Based on what we have found the kitchen prepares a sometimes innovative, sometimes traditional meal. Tips! Bring your own camera – our Sámi guide will help you take pictures from the tour.


7 – 8 am Workout


In the Garuda practice you the Garuda practice is inspiread by tai chi pilates and yoga, incouraging the body to move smooth and graceful like a yogi and strong an balanced lik an athltete. Practice to become more resilient.

Place: Conference room

Dress code: soft workout clothes, barefoot or soft shoes

8:30 am Breakfast

10 – 11:15 am Workout

10 -11.15 POWER WALK/RUN

Here you can choose either choose to walk or run experience the stunning nature and adapt with and challenge the body to adapt with nature.

Place: Outdoor activity

Dress code: Workout clothes, walking- or running shoes.

11:30 am – 1 pm LUNCH

1 – 4 pm Activity


Challenge Park is a high-ropes course that features 6 different obstacles from rope bridges and climb-poles to a zipline that reach heights up to 16 meters above ground. The activity starts with a safety-talk and you get a helmet and a harness that the instructor secures on a rope that goes through the entire course, keeping you safe throughout the challenge. You challenge only yourself and each participant gets to do the course at their own pace, with plenty of room between everyone. You walk between trees on ropes and logs and slowly make your way higher and higher above the forest floor. The course ends on a platform 16 meters above ground from where you take the zipline down on the ground again.

Place: Meeting point. Outdoor activity.

Dress code: Workout clothes, walking- or running shoes and thin gloves.

6 pm Dinner



7 – 8 am Workout


Awakening the body soft and gradually. A nourishing practice for your joints, move in a smooth and gentle way.

Place: Conference room

Dress code: Soft workout clothes, barefoot or soft shoes

8:30 am Breakfast

10 am – 12 pm Activity


Do as ICEHOTEL’s artists; create your own ice sculpture from Torne River ice. This class starts with the instructor talking about the crystal clear ice, which is harvested from Tore River. After that, you get an introduction on how to use the tools, your own ice block and can let the creativity flow and ice take shape. Take the opportunity to create your own ice sculpture out of the pristine natural ice — something many artists dream of.

Place: Meeting point

Dress code: Dress warm and so you can move around easily. Thermal underwear (wool) and wool socks, finger gloves. Loan of warm clothes is provided if needed (warm outer layers, gloves).

LUNCH 1 – 2 pm

3 – 5:30 pm Activity


The sauna has been tradition in northern Sweden for a long time and the contrast between hot and cold is said to have wholesome effects, so take the opportunity and use the sauna like a local in Jukkasjärvi Culture Sauna. Do the ten steps in Jukkasjärvi Sauna Ritual and try everything from the sauna, wash yourself with tar soap, take a plunge into Torne River and have a pleasant moment in the heated outdoor bathtubs.

Place: The Sauna Academy

Dress code: Bring your own bathing suit. Bathrobe and towels are provided on site

7 pm Dinner


7 – 8 am Workout


In this class you train on balance tools to challenge the stabilizing muscles in your body. Play with the balance in multiple ways: mentally and physically, relaxed or active and in strength and movement. A perfect preparation for today’s activities.

Place: Conference room

Dress code: Soft workout clothes, barefoot or soft shoes

8:30 am Breakfast

10– 14  pm Activity


Create your own adventure! Get your own map and instructions on where to go/bicycle/paddle and what to experience. We will make sure that you feel confident and secure before you leave for the great outdoors.

If you want you can bring your lunch-package on your tour.

Place: Jukkasjärvi and surrounding area.

Dress code: Workout clothes, walking- or running shoes.

4.30– 6 pm Workout


Learn the body the ability to transfer and connect the dots along the pats. Become sharp and precise. Unleash the flow.

Plats: Outdoors or conference room, depending on weather

Dress code: Soft workout clothes, barefoot or soft shoes

7 pm Dinner



7 am Workout


This Garuda barre inspired workout gives you balance and strength work. A fun and challenging class.

Place: Conference room

Dress code: Soft workout clothes, barefoot or soft shoes

8:30 am Breakfast

10–13  pm Activity


From sub-alpine forests to the alpine tundra; experience the magnificent Arctic wilderness up close.
The activity starts with a short 15 minute transfer from ICEHOTEL to Aptas. At Aptas you begin your hike from alpine forests to the alpine tundra. You will see how the landscape change around you as you ascend higher, the trees turn to shrubs and the view is vast. After about 1,5 hour you reach the top of Aptas, 615 meters above sea level, where you stop for coffee and tea made over an open fire and you are served a light snack. From the top you have a stunning view over Kiruna City and the guide will talk about the mine and the move of the city. You then head back down again and reach the parking lot about an hour later, and drive back to ICEHOTEL.

Place: Meeting point. Aptas.

Dress code: Workout clothes, hiking- or running shoes.

1 – 2.30 pm Lunch

Möjlighet till PT

4 – 5.30 pm Workout


Celebrate yourself in this mixed movement technique practise. Let the teachers unique experience take you where you have never been before.

Plats: Outdoors or conference room, depending on weather

Dress code: Soft workout clothes, barefoot or soft shoes

7 pm Dinner



6:30 – 8 am Workout


Morning workout where you awaken your body with powerwalk/jogging in combination with standing Pilates movements using flex bands.
Training with flex band is fun and strengthen your arms, shoulders and back. A total workout for your entire body!

Plats: Meeting Point.

Dress code: Workout clothes, walking- or running shoes.

8:30 am Breakfast and checkout

11 – 11:45  Round up

ICEHOTEL Wellness Week finishes here, together we round up the week and share our thoughts around the workout, activities and our experiences. You get the keys to keep working on your wellness when you get home.

12 pm Lunch

1:15 / 2:15 Transfer to the airport

NORWEGIAN 2:25 pm /SAS 5 pm

About the instructors

Magnus, Jasmin & Linda have been working closely for many years. Together they have arranged workout events and wellness weekends with focus on Garuda, Pilates and Yoga.

Magnus Ringberg

Magnus is a physiotherapist, Bachelor of Science in Physiotherapy, from the university of Lund in Sweden. He´s also a trainer with a broad experience how to explore and challenge movement. He travels all around the world teaching classes and workshops.

Magnus inspiring teaching is based on the ability to transfer your body and how to move with ease and effortlessness. He is passionate about helping you to improve your health or performance, whether that´s getting out of pain, returning to activities you love or taking your athletic performance to the next level.

Jasmin Salhi

Jasmin is a personal trainer and instructor in Pilates, Garuda and barre and has a background in dance, theater and artistry. She is a driven entrepreneur with a big passion for fitness and health, and runs the training studio Pilates Complete together with Linda Ahlgren.
Her mission is to help her clients to increased body awareness, which leads to a better posture, a strong and flexible body in balance. The workout should feel stimulating and invigorating, both physically and mentally. A healthy soul in a strong body.

Linda Ahlgren

Linda is a trainer and inspirer in Pilates, Garuda and yoga. She has a background in dance and sports, and is inspired by the body’s amazing capability of change. Linda is engaged in raising awareness of modern Pilates in Sweden and is developing creative workout programs for both companies and private persons. She owns and runs Pilates Complete together with Jasmin Salhi.

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