Reindeer Calf Month Package

Experience newborn reindeer calves, unique dining experiences, and sleep among ice art in Icehotel 365. Only 90 minutes from Stockholm/Arlanda.
With this package, you get a completely unique opportunity to visit a Sami reindeer herd in the beautiful, untouched surroundings of northernmost Sweden. This combined with our famous ice menu and a night among ice art in Icehotel 365.

In the evening of day one, you enjoy our famous ice menu, which is served in the rustic and charming Old Homestead, only a short walk through the village. Here you can enjoy dinner on the porch if the weather permits, or inside the cozy log building.

On day two you will have the opportunity to discover the art exhibition of the crystal-clear ice art, before heading off to the Sami reindeer herd to see the newborn reindeer calves take their first waddling steps. You will be picked up at Icehotel and go by car to the herd at Silkkimuotka. During the evening your guide from Nutti Sámi Siida wil give you first-hand information about practices reindeer husbandry as a lifestyle based on traditional Sami knowledge.

The month of May is called miessemánnu in Northern Sami and means calf month. It is calving time for the reindeer; a period that extends a bit into June. If the weather and other conditions permit, there is the opportunity for you to watch newborn reindeer calves taking their first stumbling steps. After the meeting with the reindeer, it's time for a traditional Sami meal in the lávvu-tent. While the reindeer herder meal is eaten by the fire, the guide answers your questions. The bright hours of the midnight sun are approaching and provide a wonderful setting for the visit to Silkkimuotka and your journey home.


• Overnight amongst ice art in Icehotel 365

• Overnight in a warm hotel room or chalet

• Ice menu day one, excluding beverage package

Miessemánnu - Reindeer calf month, visit to the reindeer herd, day two

• Breakfast

• Sleeping equipment for your night in Icehotel 365, with extra warm and comfortable sleeping bags

• Admission to the art exhibition

The package can only be booked with arrival May 7 - June 7. The package is designed with rooms for a maximum of 3 people in the same room in Icehotel 365, if you want to sleep more in the same room, please contact us at [email protected] for booking. The ice menu is a set menu. Children between 4 and 12 choose a main course from the children's menu and a specific dessert is served on ice.



Package Information

The right clothes are the basis for being able to enjoy your stay to the fullest. Be sure to dress for the weather and be prepared for the change of weather. For the night in Icehotel 365 dress in underwear, preferably wool. Thinner wool socks and a thinner hat are recommended. Tip! Remember to bring your camera and battery charger!
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