Sled dog ride in Winter Wonderland

Head out on a fun and relaxing sled dog ride —perfect for families. Listen to the steady thuds of the dogs’ paws against the snow and marvel at the wonderful surroundings on this sled dog ride through the woodlands.

Experience the beautiful winter wonderland from the dog sled. This is a perfect activity for families travelling with kids or you who want a calm and cozy tour. On this tour, you ride as a passenger in the sled and experience the dogs’ tremendous desire to run and pull. Sit back and marvel at the wonderful surroundings — the only thing you hear is the dogs’ breathing and the sound of the sled’s runners against the snow. You stop along the way for wilderness coffee and cake, served by an open fire. The tour ends outside ICEHOTEL.

The price includes:

  • A cozy experience of the winter wonderland from a dog sled
  • Experienced dog sled guide
  • A seat as a passenger in the dog sled (the sled takes up to 4 people)
  • Swedish Fika in the wilderness: coffee/tea and cake served by an open fire

Place: Gather at Meeting Point where a guide picks you up.

Equipment: Dress in layers with ICEHOTEL overalls, winter boots, gloves and balaclava, which you can loan from Riverside Lobby.

Who is it suitable for: Everyone

Restrictions: Children under 5 years old are not recommended to do this activity, especially between December and February when it can be very cold.

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Keep in mind

The staff in Riverside Lobby is happy to help you with warm clothes, contact them well ahead of departure. If the weather is really cold, cover your face with a balaclava.