Cross-country Skiing

Cross-country skiing is very popular in northern Sweden during the winter months. It is a wholesome activity that exercises the entire body and being close to nature creates tranquility.

The tour starts at ICEHOTEL where you are equipped and get a short instruction from the guide of the best techniques for cross-country skiing. Together with the guide, you head out, inhaling clean and crisp air, and ski upstream Torne River. You reach the island Rimisaari where you make coffee over an open fire and grill sausage.

Keep your eyes peeled for wild animals; with some luck, you might spot beautiful birds, reindeer or even a moose. After the tour, you can keep the skis for the rest of the day and head out on your own adventure.

The price includes:

  • Guide
  • Instruction of the best techniques for cross-country skiing
  • Equipment: cross-country skis, ski poles, and ski boots
  • Wholesome ski tour in the wilderness
  • Coffee/tea, lingonberry juice and grilled sausage with ketchup and mustard
  • You can keep the skis for the rest of the day if you wish

Place: Gather at Meeting Point where a guide will meet you.

Equipment: Dress in layers, but so you can move around with ease. Loan of equipment included.

Who is it suitable for: This tour is suitable for adults and children over 8 years who have a basic fitness level.

Keep in mind:

Bring a camera for a chance to capture pictures of wild animals.

Restrictions: This tour is not recommended for people with cardiovascular diseases.

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