Harvest Festival

Switch hay bales for ice blocks and experience a different harvest festival at ICEHOTEL on March 4, 2019.

Watch how the yard-thick, crystal-clear ice blocks are sawed and lifted out of Torne River to be stored until next year´s hotel, events, bars and ice products. There will be live music and lots of activities. We are serving complimentary coffee and lingonberry juice and invite you to grill twist bread together with us. Welcome to a different festival!


12 pm
The harvest festival opens with a presentation of how the harvest works and the yearly cycle of ICEHOTEL.

1-4 pm
Winter games and activities. Join us on a river rafting tour behind a snowmobile.

1:30 pm
Exclusive tour of the ice production.

4 pm
Live music in ICEBAR

7 pm
Live music in the Lounge

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