Snowmobile Arctic wildlife safari

Activity facts

Duration: 6 hours including transfer Suitable for: Everyone with a height of at least 140 cm Restrictions: You need to be at least 18 years old and have a driver's license to drive a snowmobile; otherwise, you are welcome along as a passenger Age limit: 10 Included: Shared snowmobile & lunch Gather at: Meeting Point
Along with a local guide, this tour, including lunch, takes you through a magnificent mountain scenery a bit west from Jukkasjärvi.
Learn about the wild animals native to this region, how the moose affects the climate here and tracking them, as well as reindeer and grouse.
The definite length of the tour will be determined by the season and weather conditions which also influence the appearance of the unique winter light north of the Arctic Circle. This is a unique opportunity for photography enthusiasts. Lunch with local ingredients will be served during or in connection with the safari, the location will be determined by weather and season.

Practical information about our tours
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Your clothing is the most important part in order to be able to enjoy your activity to the fullest. We strongly advise you not to underestimate the cold in the Arctic during the winter months and to carefully follow our recommendations regarding clothing and equipment.

Loan of warm winter overall, helmet, warm shoes, gloves, and balaclava if needed. Visit Service– and Activity Center to get equipt.

Required to bring
Dress warm underneath, preferably in thermal clothing, a warm middle layer, and hat.

A great opportunity to bring a camera in case we spot some wild animals.

Keep in mind

That the tour includes a shared snowmobile, where you will take turns in driving. You have the opportunity to upgrade and drive your very own snowmobile in the next steps of your booking.

Small children
Please note that for this tour it is not possible to bring kids on a snowmobile sled, all children participating in this activity need to be tall enough to reach down on the footsteps of the snowmobile. Approximately 10 years but depending on the length of the kids.

Departure time
The activity always begins at the scheduled time, gather at Meeting point at least 15 minutes earlier, equipt and ready. Please note that you as a guest are personally responsible to visit Service– and Activity Center well ahead to get equipt if that is included in the activity. Read more about the equipment offered for this particular activity in the section above.
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